Your Old Myspace Account Might Be Hacked

MySpace in 2006.
MySpace in 2006. ICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

This would have never happened under Tom’s watch! Even though you haven’t updated your top eight in years, your Myspace may still come back to haunt you.

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The social media site's parent company, Time Inc., confirmed on Monday, May 31, that passwords and email addresses had been stolen from accounts that were made prior to the site’s relaunch on June 11, 2013, when security was tightened.

Although pretty much no one uses Myspace anymore, more than 360 million old accounts that were created back in its glory days have been hacked. Myspace believes the data breach was the work of a Russian hacker nicknamed “Peace,” and that he is the same person who recently broke into Tumblr and LinkedIn. 

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It’s unlikely anyone is stealing your embarrassing middle school photos, but if you currently use the same username and password for other sites that you used for Myspace in the early 2000s, your info could be at risk. “In order to protect our users, we have invalidated all user passwords for the affected accounts,” the website wrote on its blog on Tuesday, May 31. “Importantly, if you use passwords that are the same or similar to your Myspace password on other online services, we recommend you set new passwords on those accounts immediately.” 

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Myspace was the most popular social media platform before Facebook, Instagram and Twitter rose in popularity. It was acquired in 2011 for $35 million by Justin Timberlake and Specific Media, which eventually become Viant. The social network planned to make a comeback in late 2012 by rebranding as a music platform, but it never became hugely successful. In February, Viant was acquired by Time Inc. 

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