YouTube Superwoman Lilly Singh Decodes Crazy Celeb Quotes from Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, and More: Watch!

YouTube personality Lilly Singh — better known by her username, Superwoman — gained popularity after she started posting her hilarious videos online in October 2010. Since then, she has racked up nearly 1 billion views and over 7 million subscribers.

When Singh, 27, stopped by Us Weekly to discuss her upcoming documentary, we asked her to decode some of our favorite crazy celebrity quotes — and she certainly didn’t disappoint!

1. “It’s sexier when it doesn’t look like you go to the gym.” — Beyonce

“I think she means, ‘I’m Beyonce and this is the most modest way I can say I am the queen, so don’t feel bad,’” Singh said, laughing. “Honestly, I wish I was better at working out but I’m not, but I do totally value and understand the importance of it so, you know, it’s on my list of things to do.”

Lilly Singh
Lilly Singh Joe Scarnici/

2. “I’m an old-fashioned romantic. I believe in love and marriage, but not necessarily with the same person.” — John Travolta

The bubbly vlogger translated this as, “‘I want various things in life that contradict each other. I want to have expensive things but not spend money. I want to not work out but I want to be fit. I want everything, and I want to spend nothing.’”

She jokingly added, “That sounds like me, actually. Did I say that? Can you double check?”

3. “I’d rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a tin.” — Gwyneth Paltrow

“That’s awesome,” Singh said. “I think she meant that she never takes an Uber X. She’s always on Uber Luxury. She’s used to a certain lifestyle.”

Singh’s documentary, A Trip to Unicorn Island, follows her on her recent world tour. The film shows highlights from the tour, discusses Singh’s battle with depression, and even includes a cameo from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, whose daughter is a “huge fan” of Superwoman. The title of the tour and film came from one of Singh’s first YouTube videos where she called herself a unicorn. The name stuck, and she started referring to “unicorn island” as her happy place.

“Unicorn island is this place that lives within all of us that looks [however] you want,” Singh explained. “So my unicorn island and your unicorn island are totally different! Mine has Chipotle, Skittles, cute puppies — all the things that make me happy.”

Watch the videos above for more of Lilly Singh’s chat with Us Weekly, including her interpretation of a hilarious Justin Bieber quote!

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