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How Eva Moss Radically Changed the Sugaring Industry

Eva Moss
Courtesy of Eva Moss

Eva Moss, the founder and chief information support specialist of the premier company producing high–quality sugaring, is a unique personality with many interests and hobbies that have positively affected her beauty business. IT education combined with experience creating and implementing business concepts in the field of information technology allowed Eva to radically influence the beauty industry. Today we’ll find out exactly how. 

Eva, good afternoon! Tell us about your entrepreneurship experience. We know that you have repeatedly opened new businesses.  

Good afternoon! Throughout my career I have preferred to work for myself. Thanks to a high-quality education, a broad outlook, and a variety of hobbies, I have repeatedly taken the opportunity to open my own businesses, which interested me and in which I saw great potential. One of the most striking examples was the founding of a company dealing with local area networks and their security. This experience allowed me to thoroughly study the internal mechanisms of the business, namely their business strategy, conclusion of contracts, inspections, audits, and the like. Being a serial entrepreneur, I understood how a business built around one person (i.e. the owner) works. I would like to emphasize that this is the key figure, not a nominal one, which determines the pace of the company’s profits. Currently, the whole of America stands on so-called home businesses. This is exactly the example that I, along with my business partner Vera Pigaleva, adhered to when I started building a Sugaring Empire in the 2000s. 

And how did the history of the biggest and best company producing sugaring begin? Whose idea was it?  

The idea of creating a business in the beauty field, with sugaring as its basis, was mine. That said, it wasn’t a random decision. I was looking for a new niche that was not yet popular and, accordingly, the market for which has not yet been properly formed. That turned out to be sugaring. I knew that building a market from scratch would be a difficult task, but we coped with it commendably. And I am very proud of myself for making such a bold decision. I immediately noticed that this was an area you can “roam around” and scale up properly. For me, this was one of the main criteria when choosing a niche for a business. My strategic abilities did not let us down, and after 20 years, sugaring is the preferred cosmetic product for those pursuing smoothness and softness of the skin. The sugaring business has taught me a lot. The main thing it made clear is not to be afraid to act, to open new directions of development and strive for more. At the moment, Vera and I’s brainchild – Sugaring Factory – not only offers a high-quality product, fast delivery, and deliveries in huge quantities, but also has its own chemical laboratory that checks every component and ingredient of the paste to ensure its safety for skin. 

You have noted that Sugaring Factory has its own chemical laboratory, how important and necessary is this?  

Yes, I believe that this is an indispensable institution within our cosmetics company as a whole. Numerous tests of the components that make up sugaring are carried out in the Sugaring Factory laboratory. Because we have a huge range of diverse products, we check each dye, base, flavor and other additives for harmfulness to the skin or body. Only qualified certified technologists work in the laboratory. Therefore, our production is one of the safest and most advanced in America.  

Eva, what else do you do besides your business in the sugaring niche?  

In addition to entrepreneurship, business, and making money, I am improving my skills in such areas as: producing, directing, screenwriting, photography and videography in relation to large complex projects. I’m also into cars. I have a rare collection of retro cars. I accompany large projects for major car manufacturers – KIA, BMW and others. I conduct professional photo shoots and video shoots for them. This activity does not bring me much income, but I am doing it with great enthusiasm.  

Would you say that your hobbies have grown into something more? Perhaps they have become a “tool” for the development of your current business? Do they help in any way?  

 You know, for me it’s not just an amateur hobby. They really developed into professional skills, which especially contributed to starting a business within the Sugaring Factory company. After all, the first advertising campaigns for the latter were invented, thought out, and implemented by me. I wrote texts, thought over the business development strategy, determined the means of promotion, and was engaged in the photo and video shoots for our sugar pastes. Thanks to this, Vera and I saved significant funds on professional PR campaigns at the initial stages and invested them in developing production instead. Therefore, Sugaring Factory is now the only major player in the sugaring market in the U.S.! The fruits of our joint activity with Faith are obvious. 

As a co-founder of the company, tell us, what is the main position you occupy in the Sugaring Factory? What responsibilities have you assumed?  

At my core, I am a strategist. I’m adept at observing the trends in the development of sugaring and in other areas. This applies to all activities to which I have devoted some part of myself and my time. That’s because I’m completely immersed in the cause. In our company, I determine the course, the strategy of its development, and look for ways to scale and promote. I can say that I ensure a product’s viability, growth and development based on trends, long term plans, and trends in the sugaring niche. In particular, I am engaged in IT maintenance. At one point, I created a website for the Sugaring Factory and ensured its functioning for a long time. I can say this about myself: I am the main generator of ideas that will eventually lead us into Space! I like to think big, of course, this is evidenced by the Sugaring Factory. My precise strategic vision and planning, combined with information technology abilities, as well as the skills of promotion and advertising support, provided a powerful impetus to the development of the “sleeping” beauty industry – sugaring, and creating the best sugaring in America! 

And what are your plans for the future? 

As far as plans, dreams, and aspirations, I would like to build our company to the level of the second Unilever. Which if you don’t know is a huge conglomerate that includes thousands of brands that are in daily demand. When you enter the store, you may not realize at all that this or that product is a product of the Unilever network. 70 percent of the products that are on the shelves of the store are produced by this giant. We have set a course for ourselves and are gradually moving towards that goal. In addition, we plan to reach serious production volumes and, accordingly, profit and scale up production. Right now we’re doing everything we can to get several hundreds of millions of dollars in cash turnover per month. The tool for obtaining such results is, of course, sugaring. In America, I see a huge potential and demand for this cosmetic product. 

I would also like to expand the Sugaring Factory product line, supplementing it in principle with a variety of cosmetics. This step requires a lot of time and resources, so we are at the planning stage at the moment. But I am sure that we will become the giant we’re dreaming of, because I do not doubt the quality of my products one iota! 


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