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25 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Danica Patrick

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Race-car driver Danica Patrick, 27, (watch Patrick drive in Nascar Feb. 20 at 5:30 p.m. on ESPN2) shares the 25 things you don't know about her with

1. I don't like chewing gum.

2. I got a sewing machine for Christmas, and now I love to sew.

3. I very much love red wine.

4. My favorite food is eggs.

5. I love the personal stories tattoos tell.

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6. My husband, physical therapist Paul Hospenthal, and I love to cook. We even took classes.

7. I love looking into the eyes of animals.

8. Alanis Morissette is my favorite singer.

9. I don't whistle while I work.

10. I'm scared to put my foot on a shower drain, because that's where all the dirty water goes.

11. My husband is my best friend.

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12. I know that was cheesy.

13. Wooden Popsicle sticks make me cringe!

14. I want to hang out with Chelsea Handler.

15. I get bored after three days off.

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16. I'm 5-foot-2. Most people are smaller than they look on TV!

17. I used to want to be a singer.

18. I wouldn't have made it as a singer, so it's good that I drive.

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19. I love to travel, even though I do it all the time for work.

20. I love scary movies, but I know I'll have nightmares after I watch.

21. When I let my husband drive, I try not to add my two cents.

22. The only cartoon I watched as a kid was Scooby-Doo.

23. I drink my coffee black.

24. I'm blind without contacts.

25. I have a hard time with words like famous or celebrity, so I say popular.

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