25 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Jason Derulo

 Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

Jason Derulo, 22, (his new album, Future History, is in stores now) shares the 25 things you don't know about him with Us Weekly.

1. I had asthma as a toddler until I was about 13-years-old. If I was around pets, dairy, or dust, I'd have an asthma attack.

2. I played basketball in high school. My high school team was the No. 14 team in the country and won four state titles in Florida.

3. I was a ghostwriter in the industry for three years before making it as an artist. I still write songs for other artists today.

4. I was BMI's co-songwriter of the year for 2010 alongside Lady Gaga, for writing the most top songs in 2010.

5. I went to college for musical theater in New York City.

6. I'm attracted to polite women, but like bad girls too.

7. My middle name is Joel, which is also the first name of my father and older brother.

8. I'm the youngest of three children, so I was always spoiled a little bit more.

9. When I'm in a relationship, I write songs for and sing to the person I'm with.

10. I kept to myself in school and wasn't interested in going to homecoming, prom, or attending most school social functions. People may have thought I was obsessed with myself, but really, I was obsessed with honing my craft.

11. I think most celebrities are jerks. Get that chip off your shoulder!

12. I love Olive Garden, especially the Alfredo sauce. But, when I went Italy, they didn't even know what Alfredo sauce was. Shocking!

13. I wish I knew how to cook. Every dinner attempt has ended in a disaster.

14. I fell in love in Australia.

15. I'm a very sexual person.

16. I had a grapefruit tree in my backyard growing up so grapefruit was always an ingredient for every meal. I no longer like grapefruit.

17. I've never broken a bone.

18. I used to eat four bananas per day when I was in college in New York because they were 25 cents a piece and I was a baller on a budget. People would ask why I ate so many bananas and I would say, 'I'm on this new potassium diet.'

19. I've given every plaque or award I've won to my mother.

20. I was chubby for a few years of my childhood and was insecure about taking my shirt off at the pool, so I wore a T-shirt in the pool. Now, I rip my shirt off at every show.

21. I'm not into drugs, but I love a social drink. My preferred beverage is a Mojito, but I usually drink Vodka and water because it prevents a hangover and is not as bad for the six-pack.

22. I sleep about four hours per night and I cannot wake myself up. Someone has to wake me up by either banging on my door or physically shaking me.

23. Once I find a meal that like, I'll eat it every day for months. The meal becomes a part of my routine until someone forces me to try something else.

24. My father and my mother are still married today. I come from a loving, middle-class family.

25. I dated my childhood sweetheart all through high school, and thought for sure I would marry her.


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