25 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Shaggy

 Kevin Winter/Tonight Show/Getty Images

Shaggy, 42, (his album, Summer in Kingston, is iTunes' No. 1 reggae album) shares the 25 things you don't know about him with Us Weekly.

1. I was in the Marines and served in the first Gulf War.

2. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and moved to Brooklyn, N.Y. when I was a teenager.

3. I used to travel from North Carolina to New York every weekend to record music while I was in the Marines. As a result I recorded my first crossover hit "Oh Carolina."

4. I love Butterfingers Mini Bites!

5. I am not a tourist. I would rather rest in my hotel room then walk around site-seeing.

6. I have five children.

7. I recorded approximately 200 songs in the past two years.

8. I am the only living diamond-selling reggae artist.

9. I had a crush on Whoopi Goldberg when I was young.

10. My song "Angel" held the Guinness book record for most radio plays in one week.

11. I love older model Porsche 911's.

12. I have a charity — Shaggy's "Make a Difference Foundation" — that raises money to buy medical equipment for the Busta Mante Children's hospital in Jamaica.

13. One of the most amazing moments in my life is when I sat and spoke with Nelson Mandela.

14. I love to DJ; when I was younger I used to play on a DJ sound-system.

15. I enjoy cooking.

16. Reality shows are my guilty pleasure.

17. I always keep freshly cut sugarcane in my refrigerator; it's a great snack.

18. In 1996 a stage collapsed on me and my band, and we were hospitalized.

19. There is a bag of pistachios in front of me while I am writing this.

20. I performed for Michael Jackson at his 30th anniversary in Madison Square Garden. He told me he loved "It Wasn't Me," and said it was something he would have written.

21. I have never had any vocal training.

22. I love watching the news to keep up with current political news.

23. I love to draw and wish I had more time to practice the craft.

24. James Brown kicked open my dressing room door at a concert and told me, "You are the truth. I have seen them come and go but you got it! They can take everything from you, but as long as I have your talent they can never take that away from you!" The he walked out. I am still humbled by that moment.

25. My motto is — whatever you are going for — "failure is not an option."

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