Angry Bachelorettes Make “Creepy” Michelle Money Cry

Weeks after Michelle Money hijacked a Bachelor group date and wished a gang of angry monkeys would attack contestant Chantal O'Brien, the tables were turned and Money's fellow bachelorettes had their say on Monday's Women Tell All special.

And as the above clip shows, their reunion didn't go so well. With Brad Womack out of earshot, the women had free reign to discuss their time on the ABC series — and their true feelings on the 30 other contestants.

Once contestant Jackie Gordon had the floor, the reunion took a dramatic turn.

"Watching it now, I am equating you to a spider, you are creepy and it's scary," Gordon told Money as the group revisited Money's wildest on-screen antics.

When host Chris Harrison questioned Money about the motives behind her manic behavior, Money said she had her 5-year-old daughter's best interests at heart.

"I took advantage…I had to get to know him. Every second I'm there with him, is a second I was away from my daughter," Money said, fighting back tears. "I think I put a lot of pressure on myself because I left my daughter. I feel guilty for that. I still feel like I shouldn't have done that…I shouldn't have left her."

Later, it was Stacey Queripel who ripped into Money — and her parenting skills.

"In my family, you put your child first…I felt like you put you first," Queripel said, before Harrison told her to back off.

Speaking through a mess of tears, Money defended herself. "I had such an amazing time but the negative effects are starting to outweigh the positives," she told Harrison. "I didn't go on the show to be a clown and be the person everyone talks about."

Her retort to Queripel? "I am a good mother. You have no right to even kind of question my mothering in any way."

Watch the fiery exchange above and tell Us: Are you on Team Michelle or Team Stacey?

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