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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap: Dean Ditches Kristina for Danielle L

The cast of Bachelor in Paradise
The cast of Bachelor in ParadisePaul Hebert/ABC

It had been a stormy start on Bachelor in Paradise, but it seems that during their forced two-week filming hiatus a lot went down amongst the cast members. Dean and Kristina apparently traveled together, but back at the resort, she sensed that he wanted to take a step back. Then Adam (the guy who showed up with the creepy puppet during Rachel Lindsay’s season) arrived. All of the guys were bummed to see yet another dude set foot on the beach — especially Iggy (who was doing a good job of becoming very unlikeable very quickly).

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Adam Brings a Date Card

Adam arrived with a date card and announced that he was most interested in Raven. BTW, he and Raven hung out off-camera during the hiatus, for whatever that’s worth. Ben Z was none too pleased, as he’d had his eye on Raven as well, but Dean gave Adam his blessing to follow his heart. Oh, Robbie had been chasing Raven too, so there was that. Adam ended up asking Raven.

Meanwhile, Diggy tried to reassure Kristina that all was well with her and Dean, but she didn’t seem to buy it. She decided it was time to ask him what was going on. Dean was seemingly passed out on some giant pillows when Kristina wandered over and forced him to talk  — well, she tried to force him to talk. Instead he rolled off the pillows and ran away.

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Raven and Adam Fly Away

Ben Z was super bummed watching Raven and Adam head out for their date. He and Raven headed into town for a romantic meal, where she explained that she had a good time with Ben Z, but basically thought Robbie was a tool. They ate and danced awkwardly  — but seemed to enjoy themselves  — and went back to the resort.

Once Raven was back, Ben Z wasted no time cornering Raven to find out how her date with Adam went. She told him she had “no idea” what she was going to do with her rose yet. Adam then pulled her away to make her practice salsa dancing again. That’s when Adam seized the moment and kissed her.

Sensing that Raven wasn’t feeling him, Robbie decided to “make some bold moves” on Amanda, despite the fact that she had been engaged to his friend. Robbie tried going in for a kiss, but Amanda basically said no. She told him it wasn’t the right moment and then commented on how sweaty he was. Ugh.

Last Grabs for a Rose

Taylor and Derek were still going strong, making out in front of everyone. Jasmine and Matt also seemed very happy together and reiterated that they both returned to Paradise for the other (aww!). She said they were “vibing with each other” and he said he was happy knowing that she had his back. Iggy, meanwhile, tried to “finagle” a rose from Lacey by reciting a Jewish blessing. Moments later, Diggy made a move on Lacey, kissing her (which she didn’t seem all that into).

In a rainy corner, Amanda told Alex that she was giving her rose to someone else. “I’ll take a rose from anyone. I’m not gonna lie,” he said to the camera. He then got busy making the rounds from girl to girl to try to lock down that coveted flower.

Dean, on the other hand, told Kristina he felt they needed to slow down and he didn’t care if he got a rose or not because he just wanted to be honest with her about his feelings. Sensing Kristina’s predicament, Alex swooped in to make a pitch for her rose too. (Sigh.)

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The First Rose Ceremony Goes Down

Taylor gave Derek her rose. No surprise there. Jasmine gave Matt her rose — also no surprise there. Raven gave her rose to newcomer Adam, which really threw Ben Z for a loop. Alexis gave her rose to Jack Stone. Lacey gave hers to Diggy (sorry, Alex!). Danielle went for Ben Z.

The moment of truth came when Kristina stood up front with her rose in hand. Ultimately, though, she gave it to Dean. Then it was the final rose of the evening, to be handed out by Amanda. She gave her rose to Robbie, despite his sweaty attempt at a failed kiss.

This meant Alex, Iggy, and Nick were going home. They were all pretty bummed. “I felt like I’ve been nothing but vulnerable the entire time I’ve been here,” he said. “It’s just upsetting that it didn’t work for me.”

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Danielle L Stirs Things up

Danielle L arrived and every guy’s jaw dropped to the floor. She proceeded to tell the other women that she was interested in Dean and Ben Z. Kristina was not so happy about that. Danielle ultimately decided to take Dean on a date. Kristina was predictably upset. Dean pulled Kristina aside and said he realized she wasn’t “stoked.” He assured her he was still excited to come back and hang out with her. “Don’t hate me,” he said. She said she didn’t, but her eyes said otherwise.

Danielle L and Dean then took ATVs for a spin and spent the rest of the date making out. Back at the resort, Kristina chatted with Robbie. “I don’t want somebody who’s not sure,” she told Robbie… but based on Dean’s actions with Danielle L, it seemed he was very sure about what he wanted. It just wasn’t her. Kristina and Dean then awkwardly watched a sunset together and played a thumb war.

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