Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Lauren Reveals a Shocking Secret as Two New Guys Arrive

Lauren Iaconetti
Lauren has a secret to share! Bob D'Amico/ABC

Week two of Bachelor in Paradise opened on a high note, with everyone basking in the post-rose ceremony glow—especially Tenley.

“I’m excited! I’m here!” she declared, wagging the rose JJ gave her in the air. “I’m very curious what more could come of this JJ thing, but I’m also excited to see who else may be coming.” Foreshadowing, anyone?

But one person wasn’t having a good time after the roses were handed out, and that person was Lauren. “I hate this,” she cried to her sister, Ashley I. “This is actually hell—not Paradise!” she argued before declaring, “I’m going to leave!”

Why Does Lauren Wanna Go Home So Badly?

It turns out that Lauren was seeing someone back home—the only problem with their relationship was that he had a girlfriend (who is not her). Chatting with some of the other cast, Lauren openly referred to herself as “kind of a mistress,” which raised more than a few eyebrows.

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“Lauren the mistress; that’s her name now,” Carly declared, while Mikey and Kirk commiserated that Lauren had a bad attitude and probably should leave.

There was one person who could possibly convince Lauren to stick around, though: Joshua, from Kaitlyn Bristowe‘s season. “Somebody send in Joshua, please!” Ashley I. begged to the camera.

Ask and You Shall Receive

As luck (and by luck we mean a production crew) would have it, shortly after this plea, Joshua arrived in Paradise.

Ashley I. had hopes for a match between him and her sister, but he quickly gravitated towards Tenley, who wasted no time informing Josh she hadn’t felt a connection with anyone there yet (sorry, JJ!). Joshua used the date card he’d been given to ask her out– sending Lauren on a tailspin home.

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No one seemed bothered by her departure, except for her sister. Speaking about Lauren, Ashley I. argued, “She’s the chillest girlfriend you could ever have! I mean, obviously, she lets a guy have another girlfriend!” Umm… can’t argue with her there. 

Joe Shows Up, Clare Breaks Down

The next Bachelorette alum to get thrown into the lion’s den—sorry, Paradise, was Joe. Though his buddies had talked him up as being funny and great, he didn’t make the best first impression on the ladies. 

“Everyone’s actually thinking he’s really weird,” JJ noted, while Clare made a side comment to Tenley referencing how awkward this meeting with Joe was, prompting him to lash back at the normally bubbly blonde.

“This isn’t your first rodeo, is it, Claire? This is like what, your second Paradise?” he asked before adding, “It’s terrible.” She did not like that so much and ran off to cry (to a raccoon, it seemed).

“This is my f—ing third time here and once again there’s f—ing nobody.” The raccoon appeared to be more interested in getting a bottle of wine open than listening to her, but she continued on, “What the f— am I doing?”

Juelia Really Likes Joe

Joe used his date card to ask Juelia out, which made Jonathan, who had been semi-paired off with the single mom, nervous.

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“If they have a good connection, then I’m kind of s— out of luck,” he said. “To be honest with you, I think that Joe is just using Juelia for a rose so that he can move forward.”

Meanwhile, Juelia and Joe enjoyed a romantic hike by a waterfall and bonded talking about her daughter. Joe told Juelia he thought it was “awesome” that she had a child, and Juelia later declared it to be “one of the best first dates” that she’d ever had. “It feels amazing, honestly, this is what I came here for.”

Juelia Kinney and Joe Bailey
Sparks fly between Juelia and Joe… maybe. Rick Rowell/ABC

When they got back, Joe seemed lukewarm on her at best, but it seemed that she was too smitten to see his lack of enthusiasm.

Tenley’s Into Joshua, But Joshua’s Into Molly

The morning after Tenley’s date with Joshua (which we didn’t get to see), JJ—who reportedly got really drunk the night before (which we also didn’t get to see) was still licking his battle wounds.

“Tenley is the single sweetest, nicest person I think that exists in this world,” JJ said to the camera. “Tenley deserves to find love and if somehow Josh and Tenley find love, I’ll throw up in my mouth a little bit. Tenley, she is an incredible woman, I want to use this week to keep getting to know her and if Joshua gets in the way, well f— me, I’m a monkey’s uncle.” Hey, at least he’s honest.

Joshua Albers and Tenley Mohlzan
Are Joshua and Tenley hitting it off? Rick Rowell/ABC

As JJ opined about his feelings for Tenley, however, Joshua was talking a big game about his partying ways that involved the drug Molly and losing all his money in Vegas (or something to that effect).

Mikey and Dan were alarmed enough that they reported what Joshua was saying back to Tenley. “It just felt like a bad apple coming into a mix,” Dan said.

Tenley, who said she had never done a single drug in her entire life, appeared pretty taken aback. “That’s such a bummer!” she sighed before breaking into tears. “I don’t have the time to waste my heart on somebody else that’s not right for me, but I also have all the time in the world to wait for the right one.” Maybe that’s not Joshua.

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To her credit, she confronted him directly. He immediately back-pedaled, saying it was a one-time deal for a bachelor party and he thought the drug was “incredibly overrated.” Tenley, however, didn’t seem too convinced, which meant Joshua might not get that rose from her after all.

You Can’t Handle the Truth

In an attempt to help out his friend, Dan told Mikey that, based on what Claire had been saying to others, it didn’t seem like she was that into him and he should brace himself for being sent home. Mikey, however, still didn’t want to hear it—even after Tenley basically confirmed everything Dan had said (in a slightly gentler way), adding that she knew Claire was “curious” about Jared.

But Mikey wasn’t the only one wearing blinders this week! Joe clearly wasn’t into Juelia, commenting that his date “wasn’t with the right person” and saying she wasn’t “very smart.” In fact, he openly admitted that all he wanted from Juelia was her rose. Meanwhile, Juelia told Jonathan she didn’t think they had any chemistry. In other words, she may have just made a pretty big mistake.

Jared Gets a Date Card, All Hell Breaks Loose

Though Ashley I. claimed she was confident that Jared would be asking her on the date, he asked Clare instead—and she said yes without so much as a sideways glance at Mikey.

“Literally, you could hear two people just heartbroken over a decision that just happened,” Dan said to the camera while Tanner added, “Jared is like the nicest guy in the house but he just blew everything up.”

Jared Haibon and Clare Crawley
Jared makes a play for Clare. Rick Rowell/ABC

Ashley I. and Mikey each reacted in their own special ways. She cried, and he confronted both Jared and Claire.

“You want to date a girl eight years older than you?” Mikey challenged Jared, who shrugged it off, insisting that a single one-on-one date didn’t really mean anything, but Mikey was “pissed” and nothing Jared said would change that. Mikey then went on the defensive with Clare, telling her that he felt she really “disrespected” him. She did not agree.

“Mikey likes Clare so much, he wants to chain her to a palm tree,” Kirk noted. “Like, ‘You’re not going anywhere!'” Apparently, though, she is. She’s going with Jared.

Tell Us: Do you think Jared and Clare are going to become a couple?

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