Bachelorette Season 10 Men Tell All Recap: Lie Detector Results Revealed as Old Fights Spark Up Again

Chris Harrison and Andi Dorfman
On the Bachelorette: Men Tell All, lie detector results from earlier in the season were revealed, an old fight between Andrew and J.J. resurfaced, and Andi faced the men she sent home Todd Wawrychuk/ABC

Andi Dorfman, this is your life. In advance of the July 28 Bachelorette finale—when she'll choose between two men, Josh and Nick—Andi sat down to face 16 of the 23 other suitors she sent home this season, including fan favorites Chris, Marcus, and Marquel. That's right, Bachelor Nation, it's time for Men Tell All. As in years past, this episode was chock-full of unexpected drama—but Andi, surprisingly, had very little to do with any of it. Let's recap!

The episode kicks off with a few words from Chris Harrison, who gives a brief recap of the season's drama so far. He promises lots more to come in the next two hours—but first, an appearance from one of the most beloved Bachelor/Bachelor couples in history, Ashley and J.P. Rosenbaum! Ashley, in case you didn't know, is super pregnant, and also super happy. "I've had a beautiful pregnancy, a wonderful pregnancy," she gushes. "J.P.'s been great. The baby's very active, so that's been fun."

Chris gets the rundown on their plans—they're moving to Miami!—and then announces that someone is going to perform an ultrasound on Ashley in front of the live studio audience. After all, Bachelor Nation was present for her courtship, engagement, and wedding; why stop intruding on private moments now? J.P. doesn't seem that excited about the idea, honestly, but he and Ashley obviously agreed to it beforehand, so there's no escape now. And it actually turns out to be kind of a sweet moment. They find out they're having a baby boy, which makes J.P.—and everyone else, for that matter—super emotional and happy.

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Moving on! After introducing a clip from the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise, Chris finally brings out the men: Carl, Brett, Andrew, Patrick, Bradley, Ron, Craig, Nick S., Tasos, J.J., Marquel, Cody, Dylan, Brian, Marcus, and Chris. Everyone's wearing scarves as some kind of joke, but no one in the audience seems to know why. Hilarious, right? Yeah, not really. 

Chris H. doesn't waste any time in getting down to business. After just a minute or two of small talk, he rolls a bunch of clips that basically show the guys talking smack about each other behind their backs. Everyone looks super uncomfortable and embarrassed, like they didn't know the things they said were being filmed for a reality TV show.

The big issue on the table is the dispute between Andrew, Marquel, and J.J., the latter of whom claims that Andrew made a racist remark about Marquel and Ron during one of the rose ceremonies. (According to J.J., he said something along the lines of "She gave roses to the two blackies.") Andrew denies having any racist bones in his body, but he doesn't help his case much when he accidentally calls Marquel by Ron's name. Awkward.

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Chris H. plays a clip of the moment when Andrew made the alleged remark, but there's no audio, so both Andrew and J.J. continue to insist that the other is lying about what really transpired. (Andrew claims he said, "It's been a long night. When is it going to be over?") There's a lot of back and forth—Andrew says J.J. should have come to him if he had an issue, and that the accusations have affected his personal and professional life — but nothing really gets settled. Marquel is still hurt and angry, Andrew is still indignant, and J.J. is still…well, J.J. 

Following a brief commercial break, Chris H. tries to move on to another topic, but J.J. can't let the old one go. He insists on defending himself, much to everyone else's chagrin, and frankly, he probably would have been better off saying nothing.

Fortunately for all involved, Chris H. diffuses the moment by bringing up Marquel to sit in the hot seat. Everyone loves Marquel, especially after his highlights reel, which is basically a collection of clips showing him eating cookies and being charming. He and Chris talk for a bit about how/why he got stuck in the dreaded "Friend Zone" with Andi, which leads to Chris asking why Marquel didn't just kiss her.

"I don't think she wanted to kiss me. I probably had my head in the cookies," he jokes. "Actually, looking back on the show, I had no idea that you guys were kissing her so fast. Somebody could have dropped me a note or something! Made me look like a square." Marquel says if he had to do it all over again, he'd probably take more initiative—but he's not sure it would have made a difference anyway. "At the end of the day," he says, "she just had a stronger connection with other guys."

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Not to worry, though—Marquel is doing just fine, if those clips from Bachelor in Paradise are any indication. Also, does anyone really believe he'll have a hard time finding someone else to date? He seems like a genuinely nice guy. (He even brought black-and-white cookies to give to the audience at Men Tell All!)

Next up in the hot seat is Marcus, who was sent away with a broken heart just a couple of weeks ago, after the hometown dates. Marcus' clip reel is just a bunch of footage of him telling Andi how much he loves her and then being rejected, which obviously makes him really uncomfortable and sad. "Not everyone wants to relive their breakup. It was complete heartbreak," he tells Chris H. afterward. "Andi was a real love for me. I took it very seriously." 

Marcus still has a lot of questions about what went wrong, but he doesn't seem at all bitter toward Andi. And neither does Chris, who was sent home before his overnight date on last week's episode. Chris says he wishes he could have had more time to show Andi what he'll do for someone he loves, but he understands the process, and he still believes he'll find love. 

He may find it sooner than he thinks. During Chris' heart-to-heart with the other Chris, a woman in the audience raises her hand and says she has a question. All she really wants, though, is to meet the farmer from Iowa. The audience seems surprised (and very judgmental, frankly), but Chris H. loves this woman's boldness, and invites her to have a speed date with Chris S. during the commercial break.

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Finally, it's time for Andi to come out and face the music. After all the Andrew-J.J. drama earlier, though, her so-called confrontations with the guys are incredibly anticlimactic. Only a few of the men have questions about why she sent them home, and her answers seem to satisfy all of them. (To Chris, she says she realized they didn't have a strong enough foundation; to Marcus, she says she knew she couldn't reciprocate his admittedly very strong feelings; and to Marquel, she says they always had fun but it never felt romantic.)

Chris H. then briefly addresses the rumors that Andi is (gasp!) pregnant, but there's no drama there, either. Thankfully, he has another trick up his sleeve—the lie detector results from earlier in the season! Andi previously tore them up in a show of goodwill, but Chris H. snagged a spare copy, and he has no qualms about revealing the guys' secrets. Three men—Brian, J.J., and Chris—told no lies on the date, but three other men—Marcus, Dylan, and Josh—told at least one lie.

Marcus' lie was about the number of women he's slept with (more than 20, apparently), while Dylan lied about preferring brunettes over blondes, and about being ready for marriage. Josh also told two lies—but because he's not here to defend himself, Andi opts to let him off the hook. For now, at least.

Tune in next week for the finale, and tell Us: Who do you think she'll choose? Josh or Nick?

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