Bachelorette Season 10, Week 2 Recap: Andi and Eric Hill Hit It Off, Craig Gets Drunk and Sloppy

Andi Dorfman and The Bachelorette contestant Chris
Andi Dorfman and Chris enjoy a date at Santa Anita Race Track on week two of The Bachelorette ABC/Todd Wawrychuk

Welcome back, Bachelor Nation! Ready to get real? Week two of Andi Dorfman's journey on The Bachelorette was a bittersweet one to watch, as it featured the first one-on-one date with contestant Eric Hill, who died tragically in a paragliding accident in April. However, it also featured a group striptease, the season's first two kisses, and an impressively embarrassing display of drunkenness from now-ousted bachelor Craig. Let's recap!

The episode kicks off with a visit from host Chris Harrison, who brings with him the first of three date cards this week. "Eric," it reads. "Love is everywhere." 

It's worth noting here that producers made the decision not to edit out Eric's scenes after he passed away last month. Instead, they offered up the footage as tribute, and then dedicated the season to his memory. "In the coming weeks, you'll see that Eric was a vibrant man," Chris said before the premiere. "Every day, he impressed us with his passion and courageous spirit. He will be greatly missed."

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Keeping Eric in the show is probably a better option than pretending he was never on it to begin with, but that doesn't mean it's not sad or strange to watch his date with Andi. There's kind of a dark cloud over it all, especially when he says things like, "This could be the key to my fairytale."

The date starts with a trip to the beach, where Andi strips down to a white bikini and joins Eric in building sandcastles and making sand angels. "My face already hurts from smiling so much," he says. "I feel like we've known each other for months."

Soon after, a helicopter arrives to whisk them away to part two of the afternoon: snowboarding on Bear Mountainwith Olympic snowboarder and Red Bull athlete Louie Vito. It's actually kind of cute—particularly when Eric holds Andi's hand and guides her slowly down the slopes. "I travel all over the place, and there were so many times I wished I could have someone by my side," he says in a voiceover. "And here she is." 

Later that night, the two sit down for dinner at a private cabin near Big Bear Lake. It's an emotional scene—for more than one reason—as Eric recounts having to text his parents to say goodbye during a terrifying encounter with two militants in Syria. He goes on to talk about how there are things he'd never do and risks he'd never take if he had a wife and kid to consider—which makes the circumstances of his death (and his acceptance of the date rose) all the more tragic.

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Back at the mansion, another date card has just been delivered. The message—"Let's bare our souls"—is for Brian, Marquel, Bradley, Craig, Brett, Patrick, Cody, Carl, Tasos, Josh, Ron, Marcus, Nick S., and Dylan, who accurately predicts that he's going to have bare more than just his "soul." He and the rest of the bachelors join Andi at OHM Nightclub, where they're greeted by a group of Magic Mike-esque dancers known as the Hollywood Men. Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to oil up and strip down in front of Andi and a roomful of other screaming ladies—all in the name of charity, of course!

The men are divided into three groups: sexy firemen, sexy cowboys, and sexy soldiers. The only two not in one of these groups are Nick S. and Marcus, who have to perform solo dances as a sexy robot and a sexy pilot, respectively. Marcus is really the only guy who seems nervous at all—the rest of the bachelors are pretty comfortable taking off their clothes—but he's definitely Andi's favorite. "Hot. So hot," she gushes to her pals, former Bachelor contestants Sharleen Joynt and Kelly Travis

Following the show, the guys clean up and head to the group date cocktail party, where Andi plans to "get a little serious" with everyone. Things go pretty well at first—especially with former pro baseball player Josh M., who insists he's not a stereotypical athlete and hasn't even been out with a girl in five years—but they quickly take a turn for the worse. Craig, it turns out, cannot hold his alcohol, and is running around yelling and doing inappropriate things. "Craig has an overbearing personality as it is," Tasos says. "I don't know how much he had to drink, but you can tell it's more than he should have." 

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At one point during the night, he actually jumps into the pool fully clothed and then proceeds to strip down to his underwear. "It's one thing to be really drunk and funny," Andi says, as a producer corrals Craig into a room to change. "But at the same time, understand that you are on a date."

Craig's antics no doubt put a damper on the rest of the night, but Andi carries on with the group date anyway, in part so she can spend some one-on-one time with Marcus. "Marcus is kinda standing in the background," she says. "But I always see Marcus in the foreground." Translation: Marcus, will you accept this rose?

The next day, Andi meets Chris for a one-on-one date to "get their love on track." They spend the day watching horse races at Santa Anita Park, where a strategically placed elderly couple gives them advice on making love last. "Just learn to trust each other," the man says. Chris takes his advice and confides in Andi about breaking off a previous engagement, telling her, "When I proposed, I knew it wasn't in my gut. I was using my head instead of my heart." The confession earns him the date rose—and a private concert by This Wild Life, during which they dance and share the first of what will probably be many kisses this season.

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Moving on to the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party! Josh M. gets the season's second kiss during some one-on-one time with Andi, but the main event of the evening is Craig's apology, which he decides to sing. (Why do they always sing?) "I messed up the other night / I had too much Firefly / I bared my junk to 13 other guys / But I hope and pray that it's all right," he croons. "Oh, Andi / Please let me stay."

Too little, too late, Craig. Andi applauds the effort, but as she tells him later, she "couldn't get past" his public display of drunkenness. Roses go to Ron, Dylan, JJ, Marquel, Andrew, Tasos, Josh M., Cody, Nick V., Patrick, Brian, Brett, and Bradley—in addition to the boutonnieres already awarded to Eric, Marcus, and Chris—which means Craig, Carl, and Nick S. are going home.

"If I wouldn't have made that mistake, who knows what could have happened?" Craig wonders. "That mistake I'm gonna have to live with for the rest of my life now."

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