Bachelor’s Courtney Robertson: I’m Not “Mean-Spirited” — Just Edited That Way!


Cry Us a river, Courtney Robertson!

Try as she might, the most hated woman in Bachelor history just couldn't find her apology accepted by Ben Flajnik's jilted bachelorettes.

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Being raked over the coals by Flajnik's rejected bachelorettes during Monday's Women Tell All special, the Los Angeles-based model, 28, was out of earshot for most of the name calling, but once it was her turn in the hot seat, Robertson couldn't backpedal fast enough.

"I'm disappointed in myself and how I treated the women," Robertson immediately reasoned to host Chris Harrison. "Looking back, there's so many things I would have done differently. I came into this not wanting confrontation at all."

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Arguing that she was "there for Ben" the whole time, Robertson reasoned that she's not really a "mean-spirited" person — just edited that way. "I came here for the same hopes and dreams you did — for Ben — and if I hurt your feelings, I'm really sorry," she tearfully told the women, including Blakeley Shea, who demanded a public apology for being called a stripper on national TV, and Nicki Sterling, who Robertson called "Fatty" behind her back.

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"[The Bachelor] brought out the worst in me. It wasn't ever my intention to hurt anyone — I was just trying to keep my head above water," she continued. "No one gives you a manual about how to be on The Bachelor, and I handled it poorly."

Robertson also extended an apology for her bad behavior to Flajnik, who appeared in a separate Women Tell All segment. "I take it all back. I did the best I could. I'm sorry for hurting Ben. I care for him and still do."

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Unfortunately for Robertson, her apology may have come a little too late: In the wake of fallout from their seen-on-TV romance, Flajnik has stopped talking to the woman he proposed to last November in Switzerland.

"[Ben's] alluded to friends that things are not good between them," a source tells the new issue of Us Weekly.

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For now, their relationship is in a "gray area," according to another insider. "They have not had a breakup talk, but it's very tense between them," hints the source. "She fells very disconnected from him, and he can't stand confrontation. What kind of guy just stops talking to his fiancee? He's a coward."

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