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Best Weight Loss Pills of 2022: Top 5 Diet Pills And Supplements To Lose Weight

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In our modern times, the issue of weight loss has gained a lot of traction. There are different mantras out there that talk about cutting down body weight. In this context, weight loss pills have also earned the spotlight in the topic of discussion. 

Weight loss pills are surprisingly effective in cutting down excess weight. The best body weight loss pills are those that attempt to cut down your body weight through a multi-dimensional approach. Your choice of weight loss drugs should help you burn excess fat and reduce your overall calorie intake.

The motivation to achieve an aesthetic physique is one of the main reasons people take fat loss so seriously and understand the serious health problems they may face. But, that is not the only advantage that comes alongside being physically fit. A balanced body weight will help you in attaining a holistic state of physical and mental well-being as well.

Weight loss pills may bring in excellent results. However, you must be careful while choosing the best product to buy. You must only go for a scientifically tested product with a good reputation. In this article, we bring you the five best weight loss pills that you can go for.

While we discuss the best brands of weight loss drugs, you will have a clear idea of the products. This will help you make more informed choices when purchasing weight loss pills. 

Top 5 Best Weight Loss Pills To Lose Weight Fast: 

  1. PhenQ: Overall Best Weight Loss Pills
  2. Leanbean: Best Weight Loss Pills for Women
  3. Trimtone: Best Natural Weight Loss Supplements
  4. PrimeShred: Popular Weight Loss Pills For Men 
  5. Phen24: Affordable Weight Loss Pills 

#1. PhenQ: Overall Best Weight Loss Pills


PhenQ is one of the best non-chemical slimming and weight loss pills currently on the market. It claims to contain a secret ingredient in its capsules. That secret ingredient is called α-Lacys Reset®, and it is tested, certified, and patented. There are no known adverse side effects to α-Lacys Reset®.

Apart from α-Lacys Reset®, PhenQ contains capsimax powder and chromium picolinate. It also contains caffeine, nopal, and L-Carnitine Fumarate.


Novel Secret Ingredient: α-Lacys Reset® is unique new weight loss pills. It is a non-chemical ingredient that is specifically designed to give you the best results.

Fat Burn: PhenQ may help you burn the fat stored in your body and help you realize your dream body. It works to speed up the fat-burning process in your body by enhancing your body’s thermogenic and metabolic rates. This is a crucial step that ultimately helps you to attain a slim and perfect figure.

Inhibits Fat Production: The ingredients in PhenQ may help stop the production of new fat in your body. Fats are chiefly responsible for our bodily weight gains. Hence, restricting the production of new fats in the body can help stop weight gain.

Cuts Down Your Appetite: PhenQ helps in cutting down on your appetite. Therefore, you eat less since it puts a curb on hunger cravings and overeating. Eating less, in turn, will reduce your body’s calories. As such, cutting down on your appetite is a crucial element to lose weight.

Energy Boost: PhenQ helps you improve your energy levels as well. When you cut down the amount of food you eat, your body loses energy. But, the mixture of energy-boosting ingredients in PhenQ helps your body balance out the energy dips.

Improves Mood: Your body shape and state of mind are not isolated from one another. As a result of cutting down calories, you may feel cranky, depressed, and low on energy. PhenQ’s mood-enhancing properties ensure your temper’s not affected because of the endless dieting.

Long Experience: PhenQ claims to have satisfied the weight loss goals of more than 190,000 customers. This is a fantastic feat, not achieved by many on the market.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • No chemical product
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Multiple supplements in one pill


  • May cause sleep disturbance due to presence of caffeine

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PhenQ

#2. Leanbean: Best Weight Loss Pills for Women


Leanbean is a female-specific weight loss product. Many female athletes and models have been said to have benefitted from the use of Leanbean. 

Leanbean’s unique formula uses glucomannan, which is a soluble fiber that helps form a gel in your stomach. It works great as an appetite suppressant, and in turn, assists in keeping your calorie intake down.


Boosted Energy: Tiredness and fatigue are common barriers when sincerely embarking on a fat-burning daily regime. But, Leanbean may provide you with a clean energy boost, which may help you push harder to attain your physical goals. Similarly, the unique vitamin complex of Leanbean may help you to guard against deficiencies.

Natural Product: Leanbean is made up of all-natural ingredients and as per FDA Drug Safety Communication. Therefore, it has no stimulants that can outright harm your body.

Excellent Results: It empowers you to burn stubborn fat and finally achieve your body goals.

Reduces Calorie Intake: The appetite suppressant glucomannan works by swelling your stomach. It helps to make you feel fuller between meals, and as such, it enables you to lower your calorie intake.

Women-Specific Product: Leanbean stands out as one of the best weight loss pills for women on the market. Understanding the needs and dynamics of women’s physiology and biology, Leanbean includes 3g of the daily dose of glucomannan.

Suppresses Cravings: When it comes to appetite suppression, men’s and women’s bodies operate differently. Women find avoiding cravings a lot more complex than men. Hence, Leanbean took notice of this specific trait of women’s bodies when coming out with their product.

Happy Customers: Leanbean boasts of thousands of customers who were pleased with the product.

Maintains High-Quality Standards: Leanbean maintains the highest quality standards in its product manufacturing, and it is in line with good manufacturing practices (GMP).

Manufactured in Registered Facilities: Each capsule is produced in an FDA or BRC registered facility. As a result, you can be sure of getting a quality-made product you can believe in.


  • May cut down your appetite
  • May prevent frequent cravings
  • May accelerate the fat-burning process
  • All-natural ingredient
  • Vegetarian-friendly 


  • Requires a high maintenance daily dosing routine 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Leanbean

#3. Trimtone: Best Natural Weight Loss Supplements


Trimtone is another all-natural weight loss pills specifically designed for women. It contains ingredients like green tea extract, caffeine, and grains of paradise, all of which contribute to effectively losing weight.  

Trimtone assists your body in losing weight by enhancing thermogenesis and contributing to your body’s metabolism. The product claims to burn hard-to-shift, stubborn fat and convert the same to energy. It makes it easy for you to get through your day without the feeling of exhaustion while persisting on a low-fat diet.

As a result, it helps to ensure better results for your body. The brand also claims that it helps in reducing your cravings and appetite. Therefore, it makes it easier for your body to resist frequent snacking and ultimately cut down on the food intake.  


More Energy: Trimtone contains a reasonable amount of caffeine, which helps to boost your energy levels.

Cuts Down Appetite: A crucial component of weight loss is consuming fewer calories. Without cutting down on your calorie intake, weight loss cannot take place. The ingredients in Trimtone may make you feel fuller even with little calories, which ultimately helps your body to lose weight.

Burns Fat: Combining thermogenesis, efficient metabolism, and cutting down on calories consumption may burn fat, and your body may use more energy than it consumes. The stored fats will then get transformed into energy in a process called fat oxidation.


  • Made with clinically proven, potent, and natural thermogenic ingredients
  • May suppress appetite 
  • May boost rapid calorie burning
  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • Made in GMP-certified facility
  • 100-day money-back guarantee


  • No suitable for vegetarians or vegans
  • Not suitable for people with diabetes or those who are lactating/pregnant

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Trimtone

#4. PrimeShred: Popular Weight Loss Pills For Men


PrimeShred is a high-potency fat burner that works to help men achieve extreme fat burning and accelerate weight loss. PrimeShred is specially formulated to help men reduce their body fat percentage. In addition, it supports lean muscle growth.  

PrimeShred is specially equipped to cut down your body fat and reveal lean muscle. It includes natural ingredients specially targeted to achieve a lean physique, which include caffeine, cayenne pepper, and green tea, among others. 

Daily dosage includes taking PrimeShred three times a day, and it is designed to enhance thermogenesis and increase your energy levels. As a result, it may aid your body in speeding up its fat-burning dynamics.


Body Metabolism Acceleration: It improves the efficacy and efficiency of your body’s natural fat-burning processes, which leads to maximum calorie burn and transformation of stored fat into energy.

Activation of Fat-Burning Hormones: It helps in activating fat-burning hormones as well. This, in turn, helps in the breakdown of stubborn fats. These hormones trigger the fat cells to release the stored fatty acids into your bloodstream. In this way, they can be burned into energy.

Boosts Energy Level: It works to fuel up your energy and help you fight fatigue and stay focused. It may be especially helpful when an extreme diet leaves you weak and mentally drained.

Use at Your Own Will: PrimeShred offers you the flexibility of using the product, as it gives you a unique sense of freedom. People take PrimeShred due to different reasons at different points in their lives, and you do not need to take it all of the time if you do not want to.


  • May help you burn the static stubborn fats
  • May boost energy and help in maintaining focus
  • Easy refund process
  • May minimize mood swings
  • All-natural ingredients 
  • No artificial additives
  • May cut down stress and enhance sleep
  • May suppress frequent food cravings


  • Your stomach may take time to adapt to dietary changes

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PrimeShred

#5. Phen24: Affordable Weight Loss Pills


Phen24 includes a two-bottle-combo fat burner solution. It has both a daytime and a nighttime capsule. You are to consume the daytime capsule upon waking, and the nighttime dose is to be taken in the evening before going to bed.

The daytime capsule is to supplement weight loss with enhanced stamina and body metabolism during the day hours. Similarly, the night dosage is meant to improve your sleep while simultaneously burning calories.

The science behind Phen24 revolves around understanding the stress levels of your body, and it adjusts the metabolism in the body accordingly. For instance, Phen24’s nighttime dosage has a formula that may decrease your cortisol levels, inducing a feeling of calmness and aiding your sleep cycle.


Naturally Sourced Ingredients: In Phen24, all of the ingredients are naturally sourced to ensure a combination of a fit lifestyle with that of a healthy one. 

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Phen24 offers users a 60-day money-back guarantee, so they can try the product risk-free.

Well-Reputed Manufacturer: Phen24 is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited. This company has a high reputation in the fitness and sports industry and is also known for quality and effective products.

Curbs Nighttime Food Cravings: Eating at the wrong time is one of the primary reasons for weight gain. But, Phen24 may help you to cut down on caloric intake by curbing nighttime cravings.

Free Worldwide Shipping: Phen24 offers worldwide shipping, and it does not charge any shipping fee.

No Prescription Required: The product is all-natural and does not require any prescription.


  • May boost energy levels
  • May assist in improving focus and mental alertness
  • Contains vital vitamins that supplement fitness with health
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Daytime capsule contains stimulants in large amounts

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Phen24

How We Chose the best weight loss pills for Our List

We began by making a long list of all of the popular weight loss drugs currently available on the market. Because of the modern passion to lose weight, there happened to be many companies in the business, making our initial list quite long.

First, we noted down all of the major products. Then, we engaged in thorough research of each brand. We looked up customer reviews for the product, the science behind the manufacturing of the pills of the selected brands, expert opinions, and much more.

We compiled and arranged our data, and then, we filtered out the inferior products that did not meet the standards. The elimination continued until we had around ten brands left.

After several stages of sorting the wheat from the chaff, we were left with the top five brands. The following section mentions the things that we focused on during our research.

What We Looked For:

To select a few best brands from a long list of many, we looked for the following factors:

  • Effectiveness of Each Brand: To choose the right products, we had to understand its effects on the human body. Effectiveness refers to cutting down calories and improving the body’s metabolism. It also includes suppressing appetite and similar other features which contribute directly to losing weight. Products that did not provide sufficient evidence to back up their claimed effectiveness simply did not make it to our list. After all, there would really be no point to buying weight loss pills when they do not actually help you lose any weight.
  • Scientific Research on the Product: While choosing the best weight loss pills for you, the science behind the design and manufacture of the product is an important issue that we had to consider. In this regard, we favored only products that have sufficient scientific backing for their safety and efficacy.
  • Shipping and Ease of Delivery: We only wanted companies that make shipping the product smooth and hassle-free.
  • Herbal and Natural: The ingredients of the products on our list should preferably be all-natural, as this helps you avoid the need to get a doctor’s prescription to procure them.
  • Easy Return and Money-Back Policy: We were on the lookout for companies that have an easy return and money-back policy. You should be able to return a product hassle-free if you are not satisfied with its performance.
  • Adverse Side Effects: This was another incredibly important consideration for us. We spent a few hours carefully researching the potential side effects of the products on our list. We did this by looking at customer feedback on the products as well as expert reviews across online resources. Brands with a bad reputation for negatively impacting their users were disqualified from our list without a second thought.
  • Brand Reputation: The brand’s overall reputation is an essential factor as well, as it helps in instilling trust in the public for the product.

Buying Guide: Facts to Consider Before Buying Fat Burning Supplements

We have provided you with a list of some of the famous and reputed weight loss drugs that you can choose from. Now, you need to know how to select the perfect product for yourself to start your journey towards attaining your ideal body.

While you choose a fat burner pill, there are certain factors that you must bear in mind, which include:

Company Reputation

The company’s reputation is crucial to consider before you start consuming the pills offered by that specific company. A reputed company means trust and legitimacy. As such, the experience of a company in the industry of health and fitness is an essential factor, as it helps in determining legitimacy. However, there are relatively newer companies in the market, some of which have acquired a decent reputation in a short period.

The various options for weight loss drugs mentioned above are quite reputed. Otherwise, if you are going for a different product, we suggest you research the customer reviews for the specific product. In your research process, especially while looking through customer reviews, be sure you are not only looking at reviews from the company’s website.

This is because no company would allow negative comments about their products to be the headliner on their website. As such, whatever you see there will not be a true representation of the company’s reputation. The chances are that it is simply marketing fluff put there to give the impression of excellence. So, go a step further and check for reviews across third-party websites. If you want, you could even read expert opinions. They might be a bit more complex, but they will provide excellent insight into the brand’s quality.

Setting Your Priorities

You need to rank the critical features of fat burners depending on what your priorities are. Features of the best weight loss supplements include having all-natural ingredients, being vegan-friendly, being easy to use, having a money-back guarantee, etc. You must rank these features according to your priority, as this will help in the filtering process. As a result, it will help you come out with the best choice.

Similarly, you must be careful regarding gender preferences, as certain products are designed specifically for male physiology. On the other hand, others are specifically designed for women. Thus, depending on your requirements, you can choose the right kind of product.

Overall, you should go for an option that you think can best suit your body and your goals.

Money-Back Guarantee 

Most weight loss pills come with a money-back guarantee. However, the duration of the money-back guarantee differs from company to company. Some companies offer guarantees up to 60 days, while others provide up to 100 days. Also, there are different terms and conditions.

For instance, some may ask for empty bottles of the product while applying for the money return, while others may ask for the return of unopened bottles. These factors vary from company to company, so you must choose the product that you think best suits your requirements.

Types of Ingredients in the Product

The next important thing is going for the product that offers you the maximum benefits. The type of benefits that a product provides depends on the ingredients of it. Most of the pills are chemical-free and contain all-natural products, which allow you to procure them without a prescription.

Specific weight loss pills contain certain unique ingredients. Examples of product-specific ingredients are α-Lacys Reset® for PhenQ and glucomannan for Leanbean. However, there are also certain common ingredients that many weight loss pills share, such as caffeine and green tea extract. 

So, you must note down the list of ingredients that make up the different products. Then, according to your requirements, you must choose the product that best suits your goals and lifestyle.

Customer Satisfaction

It would be best to consider customer satisfaction levels when shopping for the best weight loss pills available. In this regard, customer reviews can be convenient. Like any other product, customer reviews will give you an idea of the product’s performance from earlier customers’ first-hand experiences.

Easy Shipping

The company dealing with a product of your choice should have accessible shipping services for its customers. While some companies may charge you a shipping fee, others will provide free shipping across the globe. In addition to smooth shipping, the company must provide hassle-free returns if a customer is dissatisfied with a product and wants to return it. 

Customer Support

When choosing a product to lose weight, you should ensure the brand has listed their contact information on the site, as this will ensure the customer support team is reachable. A smooth communication system between the consumer and the company is the hallmark of a reputable and trustworthy brand, as it closes the gap between what is advertised and what is provided for. Moreover, such communication also keeps the companies accountable for their product.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Loss Pills 

Q1. Do I Have to Diet and Exercise When on Weight Loss Pills?

Companies of weight loss pills do not outrightly mention or emphasize the need for physical exercise. However, while you are taking these best weight loss pills, we advise you to follow a healthy diet and get an adequate amount of exercise for the best results. After all, weight loss pills are not a miracle pill that will magically make you lose weight without any effort.

So, you need to supplement the weight loss drugs with adequate physical exercise. Regular exercise may help your body burn stubborn fats and extra calories. As a result, it may ultimately help you attain your perfect physique. 

Q2. How Fast Will I Lose Weight?

Results will differ from individual to individual, and the speed of the results will also depend on the kind of diet you indulge in and the exercise routine you are following. Most users have experienced a positive impact from weight-reducing pills. However, it would be best if you supplemented them with a healthy diet and regular exercise. If you are sincere in your efforts, you should see noticeable results within a few weeks.

Q3. Are Weight Loss Pills Vegan-Friendly?

While most weight loss pills are vegan- and vegetarian-friendly, some contain animal-derived ingredients such as gelatin and are not. So, ensure you check the list of ingredients to see if the product is suitable for your lifestyle.

Q4. Are Weight Loss Pills 100% Natural?

Most of the fat burner supplements contain all-natural ingredients, which allows customers to procure them without requiring a prescription. However, there are some on the market that contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients. So again, make sure to check the ingredients list to avoid adverse effects.

Q5. Is There a Money-Back Guarantee on All Weight Loss Pills?

Most pills come with a money-back guarantee, which gives the customers the flexibility to return the product if it does not suit them. It adds to the accountability of the company and the effect it is promoting. The duration of the money-back guarantee varies from product to product. For some, it is 60 days, while for others, it may be up to 100 days. Some companies advertise their money-back guarantee as a free trial period as well.

Q6. Are There Different Products Available for Males and Females?

Some products are unisex, while others are specifically designed to suit the physiology and biology of a particular sex. Men and women have different bodies, and as such, they may need slightly different maneuvering to attain a specific goal. For instance, women may feel more intense craving sensations than their male counterparts. In such a context, having gender-specific best weight pills can turn out to be beneficial.

Q7. Do I Need a Prescription to Buy Weight Loss Pills?

It all depends on the ingredients of the product. In the case of herbal and all-natural products, you generally do not need to have a prescription. Most fat-burning pills are all-natural in their characteristics, meaning you do not need a prescription to procure them.

Q8. What Are the Ingredients of Weight Loss Pills?

The critical ingredient of best weight loss pills differs from product to product. For instance, α-Lacys Reset® is the crucial ingredient in PhenQ, and glucomannan is the special ingredient in the design of Leanbean. However, apart from the product-specific key ingredient, some general ingredients are common to many fat-burning pills, such as caffeine and green tea extract.

Q9. Are There Side Effects of Weight Loss Pills?

In general, metabolism boosters have metabolic effects that burn fat and calories, resulting in weight loss. But, these effects are usually not dangerous. However, pregnant and lactating women are advised to avoid certain weight loss pills. Moreover, it is best to consult your doctor before you start your course on any best weight  loss pills or appetite suppressant. Most weight loss pills contain caffeine, which may disrupt your sleep cycle. In the worst circumstances, it could even lead to insomnia. So, it would help if you took note of the caffeine quantity in your daily dosage before starting to use it.

5 Popular Weight Loss Pills And Supplements Reviewed – Final Thoughts

In this article, we have shown how best weight loss pills may help you attain your desired physique. They work to cut down the extra fat and calories in your body, and the right kind of weight loss pill may give you the results you have been seeking. However, it would be best if you also complemented the dosage with regular exercise and a healthy diet. 

Additionally, before starting to take the best weight loss pills, you must be aware of the ingredients used in the product, and you should not trust any product under a shady company name which is unheard of. Also, do not get swayed by promises of significant weight loss in a quick span, as most of these are usually scams. Overall, whenever trying out a product, make sure it is from a reputed company. 

To summarize, you may be able to get the results you desire by taking one of the best weight loss pills we have mentioned in this article, as many people have already done so successfully. Now, all that is left is for you to choose one that is suitable for your specific needs to get started on your weight loss journey. And remember, it is always best to consult your healthcare professional before starting on any new supplement regimen.

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