Beyonce, Channing Tatum to “Sing” in Lip Sync Battle: Here’s Our Dream Set List!

Beyonce and Channing Tatum
Beyonce and Channing Tatum are going up against one another on Season 2 of Lip Sync Battle.  

It seems like dreams are coming true everywhere these days, folks. There’s a Gilmore Girls revival in the works, we can’t unsee Drake’s dancing, and now Beyonce and Channing Tatum are going face-to-face in what’s sure to be the most epic Lip Sync Battle of all time (sorry, Anne Hathaway). 

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To mentally prepare ourselves for the flawless awesomeness that is to come, Us Weekly has compiled a set list of dream songs we’d love these two sex symbols to tackle when the time comes to show off their moves. 

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Here are our picks:

Beyonce’s Set:

“Pony” by Ginuwine

The shirtless studs of Magic Mike XXL already danced to this in an intensely memorable teaser clip for the summer hit, but we’d like to see Queen Bey put her own bootylicious dance moves to the test. 

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“Big Pimpin’” by Jay Z

He’s not “Big Pimpin’” anymore since his 2008 wedding to Beyonce, but Jay Z’s 1999 hit would be perfect for his wife to show off her quick tongue and rap skills. 

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“Blank Space” by Taylor Swift

Swift’s over-the-top music video for this satirical anthem should provide Beyonce plenty of ammunition for a dramatic onstage rendition. Add in some wide eyes, running mascara, and a red lip and Beyonce could recreate that scene from Obsessed where she stabbed Ali Larter with her stiletto. 

“Hotline Bling” by Drake

If the Grammy winner could manage to recreate her former collaborator Drake’s amazing “Hotline Bling” music video dance moves, our lives might actually be complete. Really, this applies to Tatum too.

“Express Yourself” by Madonna

Come on, Bey! Do you believe in love? Beyonce could turn Lip Sync Battle into an ‘80s aerobics video with this Madonna hit. Bonus points for bringing out shirtless coal miner dancers. 

Channing’s Set (naturally, they are all Beyonce songs):


She literally sings, “A diva is a female version of a hustler.” If anyone knows about being a hustler, it’s the Magic Mike star. 

“If I Were a Boy”

This emotional ballad would definitely be a crowd-pleaser on the lips of the uber masculine Tatum. 

“Drunk in Love”

Watching this hunky actor ricin’ his “surfboardt” might be the greatest achievement of the 21st Century. He be drankin’, he be drankin’. 

“Run the World (Girls)”

Throw in a little girl power! With his dance background, Tatum could easily recreate Beyonce’s militaristic music video. 


He woke up like this! Tatum should definitely enlist the help of his wife, Jenna Dewarn Tatum, or his young daughter, Everly, for the feminist interlude by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie — “We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller.” 

Tell Us: Which songs would you like to see Beyonce and Channing Tatum “sing”?

Beyonce and Channing’s episode of Lip Sync Battle will air when the show returns in 2016 for Season 2. 

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