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Big Brother 17 Update: Is it Groundhog Day In the House? HoH, Eviction Nominees Stay the Same

Big Brother update
The same people keep winning Head of Household and nominating the same people for eviction on Big Brother Season 17 -- catch up on the competition so far.

A house divided! Big Brother 17 has slowly but surely turned out to be a season of the popular kids versus the outcasts. The house is split up right now and the most recent evictions have drawn a line in the sand.

Since Us Weekly last checked in with the houseguests, the twin twist has been uncovered, two more contestants have been evicted, and the house is fired up. Here’s the most recent Big Brother update:

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The Power of the Last Laugh

Big Brother superfan Kathy Griffin awarded “The Power of the Last Laugh” to Da’Vonne, who answered the lucky seventh phone call from the comedian and was granted the power to bar three houseguests from voting at the eviction. The houseguests Da’Vonne chose were Becky, Jeff, and Jackie but, unfortunately, that was not enough to keep her in the house.

The Twin Twist Uncovered

An eagle-eyed Da’Vonne was the first to notice that Liz and Julia had been switching places thanks to differences in their weight, appearance, and mannerisms. She filled Jason in on her hunch, and then all of the houseguests were informed. In a last ditch attempt at saving herself from eviction, Da’Vonne used this information to try to gain Liz’s vote. She informed Liz that the house was onto the twist and she could help keep her safe if she didn’t vote to evict her. Ultimately, as you know, Da’Vonne’s plan wasn’t effective.

Da’Vonne’s Eviction

The girl with more personality than most of her fellow Houseguests combined found herself as the second person ousted from the house. In her exit interview with Julie Chen she admitted she may have played a little too hard too soon, and her blowup with Audrey put a target on her back. Her last minute game play in attempt to save herself was admirable but clearly not enough.

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New Heads of Household & Nominations

The houseguests competed in a competitive game of beer pong (sans alcohol). The houseguests had to shoot a ball down a lever into the cups before them; each cup had a random number and the houseguest who earned the most points was crowned HoH. Vanessa and Austin were the hangover-free champions of this game.

The house immediately went into game talk right after the HoH competition, speculating as to who Vanessa and Austin would nominate for eviction. The pair wanted to target Jeff, and planned a backdoor move to get him out. Austin nominated Meg and Jason as pawns knowing that they would win the competition — which they did, leaving Vanessa’s nominations — James and John — still vulnerable.

Veto Winner and Jeff’s Eviction

New England Patriots tight end Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski was in charge of last week’s #BBTakeover. In the Gronk 'n' Roll veto challenge, the remaining contestants competed in a dice-rolling competition. Trapped inside giant dice, two houseguests went head-to-head in landing on the number selected until one was left standing, winning the veto. The plan was for everyone to throw the competition in order to make sure Vanessa’s nominations stayed intact. Unfortunately, John The Dentist didn’t get the memo and won the competition, screwing the plan up. This threw a wrench in Vanessa’s plan to not get blood on her hands. Fortunately for her, Austin and Jeff had a blow-up, giving Vanessa the ammunition to nominate Jeff.

Jeff campaigned hard in the next few days leading up to the elimination. He asked for votes from the people that turned on him (Shelli and Clay), and he even flirted with Liz and confronted her about the twin twist (he just could not let this go). Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to keep him safe and he was the third person evicted from the Big Brother house. 

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New Heads of Household & Nominations

A game of ‘90s-inspired true or false, complete with ridiculous-looking dancers, saw the contestants answer questions based on their performance. In what turned out to be a very quick game, Liz and Shelli were crowned the latest HoHs. After much back-and-forth, the girls decided on their nominations: Liz chose Jackie and James, and Shelli picked Jason and John. It’s starting to become Groundhog Day in the house with the continual nominations of Jason and John, but this week’s target seems to be James.

Battle of the Block

The ‘90s inspiration continued the latest Battle of the Block competition. The nominees competed in a race that required them to go from different pits inspired by ‘90s grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Jackie and James (so many J names!) found themselves struggling at the beginning, but ended up pulling out a win, leaving Shelli’s nominations intact. Shelli was keen on having Jason evicted from the house because of information she received from Audrey (that Jason was gunning for Shelli), but, like most things Audrey has done so far, it was a lie that blew up in her face. Shelli confronted Jason about what Audrey had told her, Jason truthfully denied it, and Shelli then turned to an immediately tearful Audrey. Audrey, caught in her lies once again, broke Shelli’s trust and Shelli was contemplating using the Veto to backdoor Audrey. 

Audrey's Eviction

After enduring weeks of the house gunning for her, Audrey was finally evicted. Vanessa won the veto, giving Shelli the opportunity to nominate her new nemesis. Though Shelli and Audrey were friends in the house, Audrey dug her own grave this week with all her lies and starting a fight with Clay. As she exited, she received some sweet goodbye messages from her fellow houseguests. Immediately following Shelli's eviction, the Head of Household competition took place and Vanessa and Jackie won the memory competition. Yes, that's right, after 36 days in the house, Jackie has started playing the game!

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