‘Big Brother’ Season 19 Houseguests Reveal Their Dream Alliance Names

Big Brother contestants Megan, Jason, and Raven
'Big Brother' contestants Megan, Jason, and Raven Sonja Flemming/CBS(3)

They’re already brainstorming! Some of the new Big Brother houseguests revealed their hilariously creative dream alliance names ahead of the season 19 premiere on Wednesday, June 28.

‘Big Brother’ Season 19 Houseguests Revealed

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Big Brother cast members have been creating catchy names for their teams ever since Dr. Will Kirby and Mike “Boogie” Malin dubbed themselves “Chilltown” on the CBS reality game show’s second season in 2001. Nine of the 16 new houseguests spoke with TV Guide in an interview published on Tuesday, June 27, about the names they have in mind for their potential alliances.

Microbiologist Cameron Heard wants to create a two-person alliance named the “Bamboozling Buffoons.” His explanation? “We’re going to bamboozle the rest of these buffoons out of half a million dollars.” Timeshare sales rep Jillian Parker might be a likely candidate for Heard’s alliance. She told the website that she also wants to join a two-person alliance, possibly named “Lunar Eclipse.”

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Dance teacher Raven Walton likes the name “Team Sour Patches,” while cosplay artist Ramses Soto prefers something more “nerdy” like the “Power Rangers.”

Dog walker Megan Lowder has an extremely creative name planned. “I thought it’d be hilarious to name it ‘Production.’ Because you know how they constantly announce on the live feeds, ‘Don’t talk about production?'” she told TV Guide. “It would be like a Fight Club thing.”

Fitness superstar Christmas Abbott, meanwhile, won’t settle on a name until she meets her alliance members. “Maybe ‘The Outliers’ since I’ve always been an outlier,” she said. “It depends. There’s ‘Fantastic Four.’ There’s all sorts of really fun names. It depends on who’s [in] my alliance to determine that because the alliance names really reflect the alliance personalities.”

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Stay-at-home dad Kevin Schlehuber told TV Guide that his children shot down all of his ideas, but he’s still keen on “Semanon,” which is “No Names” spelled backwards. Rodeo clown Jason Dent hopes to stick to his cowboy roots and use a name similar to “The Bandits” or “The Troubadours.”

Construction sales rep Cody Nickson, however, thinks alliance names are lame. “It was kind of cool when they first started doing it. Now it’s kind of a given to where it’s not cool anymore,” he told the outlet. “I’d rather be the unspoken alliance. That would be way cooler than the spoken name one.”

Big Brother season 19 premieres on CBS on Wednesday, June 28, at 8 p.m. ET.

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