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‘Big Brother’ Legend Dr. Will Kirby Praises Season 21’s Jury for Being ‘Emotionally Engaged’ at Roundtable Ahead of Finale (Exclusive)

Dr. Will Kirby Courtesy of Dr. Will Kirby

He’s back. Dr. Will Kirby, Big Brother season 2 winner and arguably the best to ever play the game, will once again be hosting the jury roundtable at the finale on Wednesday, September 25.

The board-certified dermatologist and chief medical officer of LaserAway exclusively spoke to Us Weekly ahead of the live event, providing some insight into how the taped jury segment played out.

Below, Dr. Will gives us the goods on the season 21 jury members.

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Us Weekly: How does this jury compare to past ones you’ve hosted at the roundtable? Did you see any stark differences? What surprised you?

Dr. Will: This jury was by far, BY FAR, the best jury I’ve ever seen! And this is my seventh year hosting the jury roundtable discussion. The main difference is that they were emotionally engaged in the discussion — in the past we’ve always had at least two jurors who were affected. That wasn’t the case with this group.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen on Big Brother
Jackson Michie and Holly Allen on Big Brother Monty Brinton/CBS

Us Weekly: Could you tell if there was any groupthink going on? Were any of the pairs (Tommy and Christie, Jack and Sis, Nick and Kat, apparently) definitely voting the same way?

Dr. Will: Early on in our discussions there is always some groupthink occurring. That’s natural. After all, they are isolated in the jury house together. But then the next jury member comes out and that’s really when the magic happens. At that point we throw any groupthink out the window and really dissect gameplay. I think that the viewers will be so floored by how the votes actually shake out.

Us Weekly: Do jurors ever snap at you during questioning or think you’re trying to swing them one way or another? How do you handle that?

Dr. Will: Of course! They are scared, and embarrassed, and feel backed into a corner. But I remind them that we are in a trust zone. If they jump, I’ll catch. Once they realize that I have no agenda then they let their guard down and get in touch with their feelings.

Us Weekly: How do you handle jurors who have clearly never watched the show before being on it and have no idea who you are?

Dr. Will: Let’s be clear, even the most naive juror takes the time to Google the best game player before they enter the house. So they might not know every single thing about me like a superfan but I’m always surprised that they all seem to know who I am. Truth be told, they chant may name before I walk out and some grab me when I walk out! Production has to calm them down sometimes! Why? Well, it’s common knowledge that the best season was season 2 so most have seen that. To wit, I was in every episode of Big Brother All-Stars. Moreover, I’ve hosted the jury roundtable and appeared live in the finale in seasons 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and tonight on season 21. So out of the nearly 50 jurors I have met in my role, only one or two have had that bewildered, deer-in-the-headlights look when I walk out.

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Us Weekly: What do you do when someone is claiming not to be bitter, but he or she is clearly very bitter?

Dr. Will: I call them out. I have to. It’s my job. See, it’s fine to be bitter. Just own it! I respect someone who says, “I’m bitter and I’m going to bite emotionally!” That’s not what I would personally do, but I completely understand why it occurs.

Us Weekly: Do you believe in a bitter jury or does the right person always win because jury management is part of the game?

Dr. Will: The right person always wins. Every. Single. Time. That person did what they needed to do at that exact moment in time to have his or her name called by Julie Chen Moonves more than the other person. It really is that simple. How do the Lakers win a basketball game? They put the orange sphere though the orange netted, hoop more times than the other team. How do you win Big Brother? Have your name on more keys at the live finale.

Nicole Anthony on Big Brother CBS

Us Weekly: BB production often catches a lot flack during the season. What are your thoughts?

Dr. Will: Best in the business. Hands down. Big Brother is a nearly impossible show to cast and produce! There isn’t a single non-scripted television show that’s more challenging. And it takes the best casting and production team in the nation to do it. Singles dating? Child’s play. Physical completions on an island? Piece of cake. Wanna-be ninjas on a fixed course? Yawn. Docuseries on a vapid family? Elementary. But a show that represents a physical microcosm of America that is live 24 hours a day and has three shows a week, one of which is live?!?!? That’s yeoman’s work.

Us Weekly: What do you think about bringing showmances far into the game?

Dr. Will: No one wins alone. It just doesn’t happen. So a showmance was can be a powerful force. A showmance is a great strategy. Know how I know this? I invented the word “showmance”!!! Google it.

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Us Weekly: Do you think all three finalists have a strong case to make to the jury? Who will have the toughest time on finale night?

Dr. Will: Trust me when I tell you that any of the three finalists can win Big Brother 21. I can’t say anything other than that on this topic.

Us Weekly: You liked last year’s final three. What are your thoughts on Big Brother 21? How does it measure up in the history of the show?

Dr. Will: The Big Brother fans are notoriously tough critics. And they always hate on the current final three, happens every season. But history will show that this was a great season and a kinetic final three.

The Final 3 Monty Brinton/CBS

Us Weekly: What are your thoughts on Jackson making up a complete lie and blaming Tommy? One of the best moves ever or overrated?

Dr. Will: That’s up to the jurors to determine. I have my personal opinion but I’ll keep it to myself for now. We’ll know the answer to that question in less than 24 hours!

Us Weekly: What do you think of the rumors that you wouldn’t be hosting the jury roundtable this year? It created quite the stir on social media.

Dr. Will: At the age of 46 with a beautiful family, a wonderful wife, amazing friends, and as the chief medical officer of the nation’s leading aesthetic dermatology group, my life if fulfilled. If it all ended tomorrow, I’d die happy as reality television has been really good to me and I live a charmed life. So am I thrilled to host the jury roundtable? Absolutely. 100 percent. Unequivocally. But nothing lasts forever. And one day, a Big Brother houseguest will come along who is more captivating, more interesting, and more qualified then I am. But until then, I’m honored that the fabulous producers of Big Brother have invited me back to serve in that capacity.

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Us Weekly: Give us one last teaser for finale night.

Dr. Will: I’m about to explode with secrets, but I’m committed to keeping everything in complete confidence, but let me just say that everyone from the casual viewer to the true superfan will have their jaws drop tonight. Get popcorn, put on a diaper and put the kids to bed because you’ll be glued to the couch for the Big Brother 21 finale!

The Big Brother 21 finale airs on CBS Wednesday, September 25, at 9:30/8:30c after the Survivor premiere.

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