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Big Brother 24’s Joseph Criticizes Kyle’s Betrayal of The Leftovers: He ‘Didn’t Set Himself Up for Long-term Success’ (Exclusive)

Loyalty over love? Big Brother’s Joseph Abdin isn’t thrilled with the way alliance mate Kyle Capener turned on The Leftovers in favor of a showmance with Alyssa Snider.

The lawyer, 25, was evicted unanimously from the game after the Utah native decided to out their alliance to his aforementioned girlfriend and Head of Household Terrance Higgins while outside at the “Dyre Fest” all week.

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“I don’t believe it was a long-term and feasible game move,” Joseph exclusively tells Us Weekly of Kyle after his Thursday, August 25, eviction. “If he went back into the house to the remaining Leftovers and gets exposed by any chance that he betrayed the Leftovers, he’s gonna have them after him. As well, I saw the concerns on Terrence’s face working with a showmance. Turner as well. So I think he may have got himself out of the yard, but he didn’t set himself up for long-term success.”

Big Brother 24's Joseph Abdin Exit Interview
Joseph Abdin. CBS

As for [Matthew] Turner’s decision to seemingly stick with Kyle, Joseph tells Us, “I think Turner wanted to fly under the radar in the yard. All eyes are on me and if he started fighting with me, it might show that he has loyalty to a Leftover. I think I couldn’t shake that off of me. And he needed an opportunity to show that, you know, he can also go back in there and betray the people he was working with. And I think this was his chance to show that.”

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Joseph became close with Taylor Hale in the house and while they called it a “fauxmance,” it seems real feelings may have been there. “I definitely do care about Taylor,” he says. “I think she’s so amazing. And the more I get to know her and the more time I spend with her, you know, it’s hard not to with that girl, but you know, in due time.”

Big Brother 24's Joseph Abdin Exit Interview
Joseph Abdin. CBS

When asked who’s playing the best and worst games right now, the Florida native tells Us, “I think Michael [Bruner] is arguably playing one of the best games and Jasmine playing one of the worst. I only say this because Michael has been winning competition after competition and Jasmine [Davis] has been tanking her social game. So for those two reasons, I’d say these two are arguably playing the best and worst game.”

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