‘Big Brother’ Legend Dr. Will Kirby Previews Jury Roundtable, Calls Season 20 the Best in ‘At Least a Decade’

‘Big Brother’ Legend Dr. Will Previews the Season 20 Jury Roundtable
Dr. Will and Julie Chen. Courtesy of Dr. Will Kirby

He’s back. Big Brother season 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby is once again set to host the jury roundtable, which airs on Wednesday, September 26, during the season 20 finale of the CBS series.

The board-certified dermatologist and chief medical officer of LaserAway, who is hailed as one of (if not the) best to ever play the game, exclusively spoke to Us Weekly about what we can expect from the segment this time around. He also opened up about how he thinks this is “the best season of Big Brother in at least a decade” and what he thinks of the final three — JC Mounduix, Tyler Crispen and Kaycee Clark.

Check out more of what Dr. Will told Us:

Us Weekly: What is your goal when you moderate the jury roundtable?

Dr. Will Kirby: My only goal is to encourage and support healthy discourse and to allow every jury member the opportunity to be heard completely and fully. Occasionally I have to mix in just a skosh of direct questioning if I feel like someone isn’t being forthright.

Us: Some players have accused you of trying to sway them one way or the other. Do you impose your own opinions or do you just lead the discussion?

WK: That’s pareidolia and conformation bias. Anyone making such a ridiculous accusation either doesn’t have the mental acuity to be objective and/or they are attempting to compensate for their own bitter vote after the fact. I absolutely, unequivocally deny that there has ever been an iota of intention on my part. Ask any intelligent jury member about their own experience with me and they’ll tell you that the experience was balanced and objective and that we discussed all three final houseguests equally and fairly. Look, there have definitely been jury members that are not rocket scientists — no secret there. And it’s those individuals who believe in things like Bigfoot, alien abductions, the Loch Ness monster, and Big Brother jury tampering by me.

‘Big Brother’ Legend Dr. Will Previews the Season 20 Jury Roundtable
JC Monduix, Tyler Crispen , and Kaycee Clark on ‘Big Brother’. Courtesy of Johnny Vy/CBS

Us: For the years you’ve run the jury roundtable, has the jury ever picked the wrong winner, in your eyes?

WK: I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that I have watched the live voting during the finale in the recent past and was disappointed by a few keys placed by emotional jurors. But that’s not my fault. I lead all the horses to water but I can’t make them all drink. Some jury members are going to be bitter and no amount of logic is going to change that. That aside, I won’t ever publicly disclose my detailed personal feelings on Big Brother finales. However, I’ll let the fans debate who could’ve, would’ve, should’ve won.

Us: Going into the finale, who do you think deserves the win? And who do you think ultimately will win?

WK: Again, it’s not my position to say who deserves to win or predict who I think will win. But let me say this: The person who ultimately wins is the person who deserves to win because everything fell into place for him or her at the perfect time. Was that person the best overall player? Well they were the best player at the exact time that the votes were tallied and that’s all that matters.

‘Big Brother’ Legend Dr. Will Previews the Season 20 Jury Roundtable
Cast of ‘Big Brother’. Courtesy of Sonja Flemming/CBS

Us: Did you have a favorite player this season?

WK: That’s like asking a mom which of her kids she likes best. I find wonderful qualities in each player — they are all my favorite. But I’ll loudly state that all three final houseguests can make strong argument to win the half a million dollars. And that hasn’t happened in many years.

Us: What are your thoughts on Big Brother 20 overall?

WK: This is the best season of Big Brother in at least a decade. The entire franchise just got a shot in the arm because of Big Brother 20. I tip my hat to the entire cast, crew and production team. And, as a fan, I’m supremely grateful for such an amazing season. I can’t wait to see how it all ends!

Us: Would you consider playing Celebrity Big Brother?

WK: Why not go to a grocery store, purchase 11 warm rotisserie chickens, drive them to the Long Beach Aquarium, sneak them past security is a giant backpack, unwrap them, and then heave them all at once into the tank containing the great white shark? Me on Celebrity Big Brother II? #SharkAttack.

The Big Brother finale airs on Wednesday, September 26, at 9:30 p.m. ET.

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