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Big Brother’s Jozea Slams Vets as ‘Slime,’ ‘Scum-Sucking Roadbags’ After Eviction

The Messiah has spoken. Jozea Flores continues to have no filter outside the Big Brother house. The former season 18 contestant opens up exclusively to Us Weekly about his time on the CBS series — and why he didn’t flip out when he was evicted.

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Jozea Flores is the second Houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house.
Bill Inoshita/CBS

“I had a moment where I thought to myself when I heard Julie [Chen] say I was evicted from the Big Brother house, to either get up and give everyone a piece of my mind in one second, or hug it out and know that the demolition of everyone who targeted me would start the second I walked of out the house,” Flores, 25, tells Us.

He adds: “If they think they got one of the strongest players out, they really just started a fire that’s going to boil down on their asses.”

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The L.A.-based makeup artist was blindsided during the Thursday, June 30, episode. The reality star, who at one point compared himself to Jesus, believed that the newbies were all going after the four vets — Nicole, James, Frank and Da’Vonne. Little did he know that some newcomers jumped ship. He was kicked out with a vote of 7 to 4, keeping Paulie safe for another week.

Jozea may have another chance at $500,000, though. Chen revealed that the first five evictees will face off each week in the “Battle Back” competition, and the eventual victor will return to the house. Jozea promises, however, that he wouldn’t align with the vets if he got such an opportunity.

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“I would never,” he tells Us. “I stay true to my word, and if I felt that the newbies had the chance to get every one of those scum-sucking roadbags out of the house, I wouldn’t miss it for anything. I believe in my newbies.”

Natalie Negrotti, Frank Eudy, Zakiyah Everette, Paul Abrahamian, Jozea Flores, Da'Vonne Rogers, Corey Brooks, Paulie Calafiore, Glenn Garcia, Tiffany Rousso, Victor Arroyo, Nicole Franzel, Bridgette Dunning, Bronte D'Acquisto, James Huling, and Michelle Meyer.
Monty Brinton/CBS

For more with Jozea, read the rest of his Q&A below:

US WEEKLY: Who are the biggest threats in the house?

JOZEA FLORES: The biggest threats in the house are Paulie and James. James for being the slime that he is, and putting bugs in everyone’s mind and manipulating and taunting their everyday experience. America’s Favorite, my ass. I don’t know what America sees in him, he’s an evil little man.

Paulie on the other hand is fueled by a radiation that can at any moment explode, and that’s why a person like that needs to be out of the house.

US: Do you think seeing more of the show before this season would have helped your game?

JF: No, seeing more of the show before this season would not have been more helpful.

US: What do you think of the redemption twist and your chances against Glenn?

JF: Knowing that I have to battle Glenn is a very sad emotion, and I know either way, win or lose, it will be a great honor to battle a guy like him. He’s a sweetheart and deserves a fair game.

Big Brother airs on CBS Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.