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Blink 182 Frontman Mark Hoppus to Launch Weekly Music Show

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With Blink 182's reunion now checked off his list, the '90's band's frontman Mark Hoppus is hitting the Fuse Network this September to revive a show format that MTV ditched to focus on pregnant teenage moms and shows where parents pick new boyfriends for their daughters (where's the music in MTV again?).

The singer, 38, spoke to about reliving his fantasy of becoming a VJ on his upcoming weekly music show, A Different Spin With Mark Hoppus, where he'll host in-studio artist interviews, performances and music-related panels. Take that, Farrah and Maci!

Us: Why did you decide to host A Different Spin?

Mark Hoppus: I have always been a huge fan of music and a big supporter of music. One of the things that have always been important to me is bringing up new music. Back in the day I started a podcast and wrote for Spin. Now with Fuse I get to go on TV and hang out with my friends.

Us: Will you keep the older demographic in mind on the show?

MH: The difference between when I was growing up and how kids grow up now is that I only listened to one type of music. I listened to punk rock and that was it. And now everybody listens to everything and the cool people now listen to a broad variety, everything from classical rock to new ethnic, any rock, hip hop. We don't want to do just one style of music, we want to do a bunch of different scenes.

Us: How involved will you be? And will there be a live studio audience?

MH: There is going to be a studio audience. We are going to keep it small but there will be people in the room. I will be very involved. Everyone has said they want me to be an integral part of the show so we have been shooting ideas back and forth for different bands we want to work with.

Us: I know you are all about promoting new bands and new music. What upcoming bands are you most excited about now?

MH: This week I am really excited about The National. The new LCD Soundsystem is really exciting. Just got the new Eminem [album] yesterday, it's phenomenal. I think a lot of people are doing a lot of creative stuff.

Us: Who are your ideal interview subjects?

MH: Paul McCartney, Jay-Z and Eminem.

Us: What makes A Different Spin, well, different than other music shows on the air today?

MH: It's so focused on music, no matter what. You know, if we get Brad Pitt on the show we are going to talk about what music he likes, what bands he listened to in high school. A lot of shows are about pop culture and celebrities. This show is really focused, focused like a laser beam on music.

Us: Lastly, how are you going to balance the show with your upcoming album and tour?

MH: It's actually really a great thing. The way its working right now is that Blink is recording an album and because I live in L.A. I will have a lot of time to do both. It will fit seamlessly together; recording an album and filming a TV show. I guess I will be really, really busy so I am really excited about that. Everyone involved has been super cool about making it happen.

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