Bride Horrified as Her Four-Tier Cake Falls to the Ground in Wedding Prank

For better or for worse, right? Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life, but one groom decided to lighten the serious mood with a good, ol’ fashion prank. 

Joe Cox hired two pranksters to pose as waiters at his wedding in Linthorpe, England with his now-wife, Laura Cox. The “waiters” worked the entire breakfast and subsequent reception, with one carrying in the four-tier wedding cake. 

After a brief off-camera crash of plates, the waiter carrying the cake emerges on camera as the other waiter comes up behind him and shoves him, causing the cake to fall to the ground in front of the shocked guests.

Wedding cake

The newlywed Laura then walks up in her wedding dress looking horrified as she surveys the mess and her destroyed cake. But moments later, her new husband is caught laughing hysterically and she realizes it was all a prank. 

“It was a great touch to the wedding, Laura didn't suspect a thing at all,” Joe told the Daily Mail. “Her face when she thought the waiter had dropped the cake was a picture. Then the waiters burst into song and I started laughing when Laura looked over at me. She then knew it was all a setup.”

After the commotion settled, the guests were inspired to get on their feet and start dancing. Then the real cake was brought out. 

Wedding cake falling

It turns out Joe paid around $520 for the prank cake which was only about $20 less than the real one that Laura had picked out. As for the bride, Laura admitted that she completely fell for the joke. 

“If I'm being completely honest, I was absolutely gobsmacked when it happened right before my eyes,” she said. “I realized I'd been well and truly pranked. It's just like Joe to think of something like that, he is a big joker around the house.”

Tell Us: How would you have reacted if this had been your wedding day?

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