Bruce Jenner Pushes Kris Jenner, His Mom to Reconcile on Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner arrive at the Brent Shapiro Foundation
Bruce Jenner pushes Kris Jenner and his mom, Esther Jenner, to reconcile on the Sunday, Aug. 18 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Totally awkward, but totally worth it! Bruce Jenner had to pull a few strings to get wife Kris Jenner and mom Esther Jenner to reconcile on the Sunday, Aug. 18 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Since Kris and Bruce, 63, married in April 1991, Kris, 57, has not had a good relationship with his mother. Hoping the two could make up, Bruce asked Kris if she would celebrate her mother-in-law's 87th birthday by going to visit her in Idaho.

"The last time she came to my home, I made her dinner, I made her brownies, I made her pasta, my favorite soup, I put flowers in her room. I made her feel like a princess. She doesn't even like me," Kris said. "Why would I go visit somebody who can't stand me?"

Heartbroken, Bruce turned to stepdaughter Khloe Kardashian for advice, who told him to keep telling her mother how important the visit and reconciliation would meant to him. He then decided to fly his mother to their house for a birthday party instead, but Kris still wouldn't commit to spending time with Esther, demurring, "I'm not sure about my schedule."

"It's kind of awkward. There's no eye contact," she said when Esther arrived at their home. "I just hope she can relax a little bit, loosen up and realize that I'm not the enemy."

Alas, the two matriarchs weren't able to "loosen up" during a family dinner and exchanged few words with each other. To avoid the awkwardness, Kris excused herself to go to bed early to take then-pregnant daughter Kim Kardashian to the doctor the next morning.

Not willing to give up on the reconciliation, Bruce picked his mom up from her hotel the next day and forced Kris to sit down with her for a heart to heart. "We haven't been too close in any way," Esther said. "I'm so sorry for that."

"It was very complicated I think," Kris replied. "Just a lot of personalities in the mix and stuff going on."

"I have felt like I should stay away, stay out of the picture, and I have," Esther explained. "But it's not right." After adding that Bruce's marriage to Kris (his third) is "the longest marriage he has had," she praised Kris, adding, "You've been good for him and I think he's been good for you."

The two women hugged it out and Kris said in a confessional to the camera, "Wow, I've waited 23 years for this. Better late than never!"

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