Caroline Manzo: Teresa Giudice Is a “Coward”

Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice Brad Barket/Getty; Vallery Jean/Getty

Caroline Manzo has officially lost her cool when it comes to Teresa Giudice.

Bringing Teresa and her husband, Joe Giudice, along to her brother Jamie's wedding in Chicago on Sunday's Real Housewives of New Jersey, Manzo learned the hard way that Teresa caused more harm than good at their family celebration.

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Inviting the Giudices to the wedding as a goodwill gesture, Manzo regretted her decision once she found out Giudice was publicly slamming her. Teresa's latest accession: Manzo bullied her because of the Giudice family's tough financial situation. "She claims we're bullying her? We were the ones who were there for her and she slaps us in the face," Manzo sniped in an interview.

"It's despicable. That to me is the worst kind of coward — the worst kind of person," Manzo, 50, continued of Giudice, 40. "Everything with Teresa is a show. She hits and runs when there's an audience and makes herself look like the victim. Before you have a chance to speak and tell your side of the story, she's gone."

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Indeed, Giudice did try to make herself the center of attention during the group outing in Chicago, snidely complimenting Manzo on her wedding attire and thanking her "friends" for their "support" once she found out her latest cookbook made The New York Times bestseller list.

Manzo wasn't the only one to see right through Giudice's behavior. "Teresa's losing her sense of reality and realness that I used to respect," Jacqueline Laurita said. "Her life is being manufactured into this fantasy that doesn't really exist."

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Laurita became especially incensed when Giudice once and for all declined her brother Joe Gorga's offer to attend a group therapy session together to air their family tension.

Snapped Laurita of Giudice: "It's bulls–t. I feel like she's so far gone I can't even help her."

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