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‘Catfish’ Recap: Nev Schulman Helps Infiniti After She’s Catfished By Her Female BFF

Nev and Max on Catfish
Nev and Max on CatfishMTV

The Wednesday, February 28, episode of Catfish involved two best friends, Infiniti and Nelly, who found themselves tangled up in one of the most bizarre Catfish twists we’ve ever witnessed.

The episode kicked off with hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph heading to New York City to help Infiniti, 19, discover the true identity of her online beau, “Dave.” Infiniti was concerned that, after six months of texting, she had yet to meet or talk on the phone with her mysterious world-traveling “retired rapper” boyfriend.

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Something felt off about their relationship when Nev read through her texts with Dave, stumbling on a request for a picture of her “p—sy,” that followed with a promise to meet in person if she sent him a nude. Instantly put off by the interaction, Max dubbed Dave “pretty vulgar” while Nev called him, “really disgusting.”

Infiniti on Catfish
Infiniti on Catfish MTV

The real twist came when Nev and Max took Infiniti to meet up with the real “Dave,” at a recreation center in New York. What emerged was an attractive young man, Ray, who happened to be a friend of Infiniti’s. After a brief and emotional encounter, Infiniti went home, ready to move on with her life. Then, to Nev’s total dismay, he received a call from Infiniti’s friend Kabriah telling him that Ray was not the person posing as Dave, but that he was “taking the fall” for someone else.

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That someone else happened to be Infiniti’s female best friend Nelly. When the two BFFs confronted each other over the Catfishing scenario, Nelly clarified that she did it for revenge after Infiniti gave her phone number to an obsessive boy in high school. Nelly then admitted to asking Ray to take the fall because she didn’t want to ruin their friendship.

When Nev asked if Nelly had romantic feelings for Infiniti, she said no. When confronted about the vulgar photo request, Nelly explained that she behaved that way in an attempt to scare Infiniti off. Max then slammed Nelly saying, “It’s so juvenile and immature … You just kind of like exploited her for a while to get a laugh, which is just mean. I’m having flashbacks to middle school right now.”

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During a one-on-one with Nev, Nelly revealed that she grew to enjoy talking to Infinity as Dave because Infiniti would open up, admitting deep personal information that explained Infiniti’s moods when hanging out in person. Nelly ultimately decided that posing as Dave gave her the ability to be a better friend to Infinity who “just wanted somebody to talk to.”

The episode ended with the duo making up and heading off to vacation in Miami together.

Catfish airs on MTV Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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