Chris Hemsworth Gets Lost During Santa Sleigh Race With Jimmy Fallon: Watch!

Which way?! Chris Hemsworth spectacularly lost a Santa’s sleigh race with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, Dec. 10, due to his truly awful navigational skills!

The hunky Australian, 32, was totally up for a high-speed sleigh contest with the late-night host, and even took off into the bowels of the NBC studios with a clear lead.

But as the duo weaved their way through snowball throwers and around Christmas trees, the Thor star found himself swept away in the excitement of the race, and zoomed right past the door that was supposed to lead him back into the main studio.

Realizing his error, the muscular actor jumped out of his sleigh and tried to back it up through a narrow studio corridor.

“What happened to him?!” asked a bemused Fallon, 41, as he claimed his trophy.

A highlight of the pair’s backstage sleigh adventure was a trip to see their Ghosts of Christmas Past. Hemsworth’s muscular ghost showed off his old acting head shot (and honestly, he still looked pretty hot)! Fallon’s, on the other hand, displayed a slightly less impressive high school photo!

Chris’ and Jimmy’s Ghosts of Christmas Past NBC

Watch the hilarious race in the video above.

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