‘Counting On’ Recap: Jessa Duggar Surprises Her Family With News of Second Pregnancy

It was a night of milestones on the Tuesday, October 18, episode of Counting On. Jinger Duggar had just gotten engaged to her boyfriend (turned fiancé!), Jeremy Vuolo, and she was still reeling in shock. Jessa Duggar‘s husband, Ben Seewald, confirmed that Jinger had “no idea” what was happening until Jeremy actually dropped down onto his knee on the Manhattan rooftop. Following the big event, Jinger, Jeremy, Jessa, Ben, Spurgeon and Michelle Duggar, along with some other friends, headed to a Korean BBQ to celebrate.

Ben described some of the food as “a bit odd” and some as “strangely amazing.” For her part, the bride-to-be could barely get a bite down, since she was so excited about her news. “Now that Jeremy and I are engaged, we’re planning to hold hands, but I think we’re going to save our first kiss for our wedding day,” she explained. For the time being, they were focused on “communication” and “being wise with physical affection and the boundaries there and saving that part for marriage.”

When the troops got back from New York City to Duggar headquarters, Michelle said her job as chaperone was tricky because it’s “kinda hard to keep two magnets apart.” She was convinced, however, that they were “definitely in love,” and seemed thrilled with the match.

Counting on recap 10/18
The Duggar sisters, from left: Jinger, Jana, Jessa Seewald (holding Spurgeon Seewald) and Joy Anna. TLC

Jessa Is Pregnant

“Ben and I are excited to announce that we are having another baby!” Jessa reported to the cameras. (She hadn’t told her family yet.) She said she was “both excited and surprised” to find out they were expecting again, since their son, Spurgeon, was only 6 months old. “I guess I’m built more like my mom,” she said with a smile before noting that most of her older sisters had already figured out she was with child, though the rest of the family didn’t know. According to Jessa, in fact, Jill Duggar figured out she was pregnant during a video chat just one week after Jessa had learned the news herself. (That’s pretty impressive.)

As for whether they were prepared to be parents of two kids, Jessa said they “didn’t feel prepared to be parents the first time around.”

Jinger came over to take a special family picture of Jessa, Ben and Spurgeon to help them announce the news to everyone who had not figured it out already. Jessa and Ben held a chalkboard for the shot that read, “Doubling the love.” Jinger said she couldn’t wait for them to reveal it to the family, so she wouldn’t have to keep the secret any longer.

counting on recap
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo TLC

Jill and Derick Return Home

Though they said they would miss their friends in Central America, it was clear that Jill and Derick were ready to shuffle back to the States. Back home, Jana and Joy spearheaded the task force responsible for redecorating the guesthouse for their return. After a long flight with a cranky child (Israel was in rare form for the lengthy trip, running up and down the aisles), they arrived back home, where they were greeted by cheering family members. Joy especially was delighted to hear Israel’s Spanglish.

Jill and Derick went gaga over the renovation that had happened to their soon-to-be home. After taking a tour and calling it “amazing,” the couple headed off for their first one-on-one time together since they left for Central America. (Jessa and Ben watched Israel.) Where did the couple opt to go for their romantic alone time? Insert drumroll here: the grocery store. Jill was thrilled to have access to cottage cheese again, and Derick was happy to enjoy some air conditioning. Jessa, meanwhile, was excited to have “many, many more playdates for Izzy and Spurgeon.”

Counting on recap
Ben Seewald, Spurgeon Seewald, and Jessa (Duggar) Seewald. TLC

We All Scream for … Birth Announcements

Jessa and Ben invited everyone over for an ice cream social at their house. After enjoying some of the sweet treats, they handed Jim Bob and Michelle a belated anniversary gift — which turned out to be the framed photo announcing their pregnancy. Jessa beamed that she was “100 days” pregnant as of that day, and her mom marveled at how she’d kept it a secret for this long.

Jessa said that she and Ben wanted a large family, but they were hoping to adopt as well as have their own. “I won’t be giving birth to 19 kids,” she said. “I mean, I don’t foresee that — maybe I will surprise myself.” Sounds like she plans on having 19 kids to Us!

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