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Dating Naked Wedding Recap: Hookups, Breakups, and Another I Do?

Dating Naked
Former Dating Naked contestants reunited for the wedding of Ashley and Alika

And the bride wore…nothing! After a summer of bottomless drinks and bare bottoms, VH1’s Dating Naked finally produced a marriage. Kind of. In line with all classic love stories (boy meets girl, boy strips down and dates girl naked, boy marries girl…again, totally naked), hippie Ashley and sexual healer Alika exchanged vows during a ceremony of love (their words, not ours) in Southern California on Thursday night’s episode. 

“There was a deep longing in my heart to have somebody on the same path, same vibration, same level,” Ashley gushed of her groom. After leaving paradise, the pair kept in touch with routine phone calls and texts until, finally, Alika was overwhelmed by how powerful, interesting, and unique she was. Cue the wedding bells. Er, bongos? Us recaps the five best moments from their naked wedding. Congrats to the nudelyweds! 

1. The Guest List (a.k.a. “Where are they now?”)

Sixty singles embarked on Dating Naked’s social experiment, and 13 of those gems were eager to show face — and tush — to celebrate Alika and Ashley. Missing from the festivities? Most family and friends outside the VH1 franchise. “I would have loved for my grandmother to be here,” Ashley admitted. But when she revealed to loved ones that her “I do’s” would follow a strict no-clothing rule, just about everyone RSVP’d with a firm no. Luckily, we got a courtesy roundup of where our favorite couples (and singletons) stand: 

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Wee Wee & Joe, Episode 1: Their fiery chemistry has sparked into a serious relationship. So much so that Joe has even met Wee Wee’s mom. Next up: a trip down the aisle?

Marissa & Steven, Episode 2: Steven explained in his confessional that they’re in the “early days” of their relationship and are still “working things out.” Just vague enough to satisfy producers.

Dan, Episode 3: Though he’s “gained a new confidence in meeting women,” Dan was minus a plus one…and unfortunately, the palest attendee.

Kristen & Chuck, Episode 4: The wedding was the first time they’d seen each other since leaving Panama, but they’ve managed to make their long-distance relationship (she’s in California; he’s in Florida) work. Every morning, Chuck sends her a text, and they video chat nonstop. 

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Marcus, Episode 5: Though Candace chose him at their Selection Ceremony, once they left the island, they decided they’re better off friends. Now single, he came wanting to get this wedding “turnt up!” 

Liddy & A.J., Episode 7: After a whirlwind of romance on the show, the two finally got together at the Selection Ceremony and viewers let out a sigh of relief. Fast forward a few weeks and they’ve called it quits. Now they’re each other’s wingman and wingwoman. 

Moenay, Episode 8: Stood up and left alone during her Dating Naked experience, she arrived at the wedding “hoping there’s some singles invited.”

Stephanie & Mike, Episode 8: In layman’s terms (and Mike’s), “Life’s been cool.” Post-show, they partied in Vegas and, yes, shot a music video together! After all, auto-tune is a beautiful, beautiful tool.

Dating Naked Wedding Party

2. The Rehearsal Dinner

Ashley and Alika set out to knock guests’ clothes off, and they certainly succeeded. The night before the big day, they hosted a naked yoga session with instructor Blue Cheetah leading the way. Ashley and Alika found their zen in the front row of mats, but behind them, no one could help but let out a laugh. After all, “Who wants to bend over naked?” Stephanie said as she got into downward dog. Blue Cheetah was of course on hand to help with alignment, but drew the line at medical examinations. “Can you check my prostate?” Steve joked (we hope).

By the final Namaste, everyone relaxed. Ashley was glad to see they were taking things more seriously. That is, until she hit the gong and the drinks started pouring.

3. The Wedding

Instead of a guest book, Ashley requested that guests use their bodies to paint a canvas. “I’ll be able to look at this and remember every single person,” she said as the camera panned over to the guys planting their naked butts on a potential piece of art. But more importantly, her future children will be able to see the artwork and think of mommy and daddy’s big day. Yep, those kids will turn out just fine. 

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After a quick rinse off, guests took their pillows (actual seats are so pedestrian) to await the bride and groom. “Don’t be scared if it gets a little weird,” Shaman Regal assured everyone sitting in a circle around him. In front of each of them was a small drum, tambourine, and maraca to play as Alika, in a blue button-up and casual pants, and Ashley, in a see-through feathered gown with some serious shoulder-pad action, walked in. Alika quickly unzipped his soon-to-be wife and the two plopped down in the center to exchange…intentions, because vows are so 2013.

Dating Naked Wedding

Tearing up, Ashley told Alika, “My intention is to always allow you space to fully step into your power and step in your work.” And he said his is “just to support your Leo rising.” With that, their left hands were bound together to anchor their vows.

Marcus, channeling just about everyone watching, admitted, “I have no idea what Alika said.” Amen. And then Ashley asked everyone to kiss, so things quickly turned into a kumbaya orgy of some sort.

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4. A Breakup and a Potential Hookup

Love wasn’t totally in the air, however. Marissa has had enough of Steven’s antics and he’s sick of getting bossed around. “She’s more of a mother than a girlfriend,” he said. So, the two step away from the reception (think: cartwheels and third graders playing with bongos) to have a more serious chat. “I think you and I are better off as friends, clearly,” Steven told her. She’s completely okay with that, as long as it’s mutual. This girl was not about to get dumped on TV.

But cupid’s arrow did strike two guests. Clearly impressed with Moenay’s yoga skills, Marcus threw caution — and his clothing — to the wind and worked up the courage to ask her out to drinks. Obviously, she was more than happy to accept. What could be worse than her last dating experience?

5. Joe Pops a Question

No, it’s not exactly the big one. But he did nearly send Wee Wee into cardiac arrest when he told her there was something he had to ask. (Most dramatic pause in TV history.) And then, “Will you move in with me?” She said yes, relieved that there’s no ring involved.

Can we look forward to exposing ourselves to another naked wedding? Stay tuned!

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