Empire Season Finale Drinking Game Rules: Down to the Last Drip Drop!

Taraji P. Henson plays Cookie Lyon on Fox's Empire. Matt Dinnerstein/FOX

Think you can handle your purple drank like Cookie on the bad side of town? Test out your inner Lyon with Us Weekly’s drinking game for the Wednesday, March 18 season finale of Fox’s sexiest new drama, Empire

The final episode of season 1, “Die But Once,” will reveal Lucious’ “game-changing secret” and will also show Jamal and Lucious “forming a music-centered relationship.” 

So slip into your most fabulous fur, say a prayer for Andre, and use a picture of Halle Berry as a coaster, because it’s time to play (down to the last drip drop)!

Empire cast
Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) finally appointed one of his sons head of Empire Entertainment in the Empire season 1 finale. Chuck Hodes/FOX

You should take a drink…

1. Whenever Cookie offers up her nookie.
2. Whenever there’s a famous guest star.
3. Whenever Hakeem throws a bitch fit.
4. Whenever Cookie looks fierce in fur.
5. Whenever an artist threatens to leave Lucious for Beretti. 
6. Whenever someone mentions the name “Bunkie,” because it is a phenomenal name. 
7. Whenever someone references “being a Lyon.”
8. Whenever Jamal wears a ridiculous scarf.
9. Whenever you find yourself secretly crushing on Jamal despite his ridiculous scarf.
10. Whenever Porsha is the perfect sidekick.

Editor’s Note: When coming up with this list, we originally considered making a rule about drinking whenever someone betrays someone else, but were concerned you’d all be deader than Bunkie in the river by the end of the two-hour episode.

Empire’s two-hour season finale airs Wednesday, March 18 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. 

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