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‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Recap: Whitney Thore Learns the Truth About Her Pregnancy — ‘I Just Feel Sad’

False alarm! Whitney Thore is not actually pregnant, which disappointed her excited baby daddy and ex-boyfriend, Lennie Alehat. On the Tuesday, February 7, episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney found out that despite multiple positive pregnancy tests, she will not be a mom.

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Whitney had to retrace her steps and untell her closest friend and ex-boyfriend that she was pregnant. However, almost immediately after finding out the news, Whitney flirted it up with Roy again. That didn’t take long. Check out our five favorite moments from Tuesday’s episode.

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Whitney’s Not Expecting!

Whitney decided it was time to go to the gynecologist to find out the truth about her expected pregnancy. While at the doctor, she ended up testing positive again, and the doctor did an ultrasound to check everything out. However, it turned out a cyst in her ovaries was causing the tests to come back positive, and Whitney could not feel more confused.

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“I don’t know how to feel right now — in the moment, I just feel sad,” Whitney said.

Even though she admitted she was not ready to have a child, it’s hard to not feel bad about how excited she was getting to start a (possibly dysfunctional) family of her own.

Lennie Is Devastated

As if telling Lennie she was pregnant last week wasn’t hard enough! Whitney had to face her baby daddy and tell him the truth, which left her wondering if she would ever see her ex again.

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“My sister said we could get some baby clothes from her, and I found a crib on Craigslist,” Lennie said excitedly when the two met up for coffee. Oh, if only he knew.

Once she actually told him, Lennie was visibly disappointed. He confessed he was excited to start a new lifestyle and wants to someday have a child. Let’s hope he didn’t put a down payment on that crib, poor guy.

Things Heat Up Between Whitney and Roy

After the baby drama with Lennie, it didn’t take long for Whitney to play the field again. She Skyped called her boss and crush, Roy Brown, which she said was a “more intimate experience” than she anticipated. Although she was exaggerating a bit, there was an unusual chemistry between the two.

Whitney flirted with Roy as he awkwardly tried to talk about work. He got even more uncomfortable when she brought up his alleged girlfriend. Whitney thinks he is lying about being in a relationship, but maybe that’s so she feels better about coming on to him so much.

“I guess I just have to leave the ball in his court, but he’s dribbling,” Whitney said as she was thrusting. “And he wants to shoot it into my basket.” Well, fingers crossed, Whitney gets the slam dunk she’s looking for.

Babs Spills the Beans

Whitney has an awkward encounter with her parents, who heard from a relative that she was pregnant after she kind of broke the news on live radio. They were furious but ultimately relieved that their daughter wasn’t going to be an unmarried mother.

During Heather and Buddy’s birthday, Whitney accidentally “assaulted” the cake with her breast, leaving a stain on her shirt. Whitney’s mom, Babs Thorne, made a joke out of it and accidentally told all of Whitney’s closest friends about the pregnancy scare that they were previously in the dark about.

“Even though she does look like she’s lactating, I just found out Whitney is not pregnant,” Babs said.

Everyone’s jaw hit the floor, including ours. But can anyone really get that mad at Babs? Whitney might have felt “violated” at the time, but she has to admit, it was pretty hilarious.

Whitney Gets Fat-Shamed

Whitney took on her first Kiss FM freelance assignment with Charlotte’s gay pride event. She felt confident as she got personable interviews with listeners, and (kind of) flirted with Roy. However, when she asked a random man about his experience at the festival, he decided to make it personal.

“It’s a good thing you’re in radio cause no one would want to see your big ass on TV,” the man said.

Obviously, Whitney was mortified. She could not even bring herself to tell her good friend Todd what had happened. Of course, knowing Whitney, she will continue to strut her stuff and shake off the haters because that’s the kind of woman she is. 

Tell Us: Do you think Whitney and Roy will hook up?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs on TLC Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.