Bachelor’s Gia: I Was “Hysterical” Watching Jake Dump Me

 Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Bachelor reject Gia Allemand is a single lady after all?

Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday, the 26-year-old model subtly shot down Monday's New York Post report that she has a boyfriend and pretended to be single for the romance-reality show.

When Ellen DeGeneres asks Allemand if she's dating, the reality star says, "I'm actually going to have my first date next week…my first date in a while."

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That conflicts with the claims of alleged love Dominick Pierno, a Long Island, New York restauranteur who told the Post, "She was on the show and said she broke up with me. Meanwhile, we had dinner at Philippe the other night."

The stunner explains to DeGeneres that "it took me a while" to get over being dumped by Jake Pavelka, "with my heart broken and everything." Throwing salt on the wound? Seeing her romantic tragedy play out again on national TV.

"I finally got over it and I was moving on and then I was watching the show on Monday night," she says, "I was like hysterical in my hotel room. I was like oh my, that really hurt."

As for Pavelka's final two women, Allemand isn't among the army mobilizing against Vienna Girardi.

"I like [Vienna] a lot," she says. "I think she is a really good person."

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