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How to Get Away with Murder Season 1, Episode 3 Recap: Fake Alibis, Missing Rings and Selfies: The Craziest Moments

How To Get Away with Murder
Us recaps the biggest moments in all three cases from the Oct. 9 episode of How to Get Away with Murder, including Michaela's fiancé's confession.

The Thursday, October 9th episode of Shonda Rhimes’ breakout smash How to Get Away with Murder created more questions than it answered. Most importantly: Where is that engagement ring?! This week’s episode continues to weave together past and present — the night of the bonfire and two months prior in the courtroom and the classroom. Wes’ (Alfred Enoch) neighbor Rebecca (Katie Findlay) is in jail for sorority girl Lila’s murder and Professor Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) is helping a seemingly normal housewife with a double identity. Us Weekly breaks down the craziest developments in all three cases from the “Smile or Go to Jail” episode.

1. Ex alert: Michaela’s Fiancé and Connor have a romantic past

Overachiever Michaela’s (Aja Naomi King) fiancé Aiden is in town for a visit, and she can’t wait to show him off. A run-in with Connor (Jack Falahee) reveals some juicy history — the two went to an all-boys boarding school together, and were a little more than friends. Michaela is devastated by the idea that Aiden might be gay, and Connor taunts her with the information endlessly. Aidan swears the relationship was purely teenage experimentation, but Michaela doesn’t let him off the hook. She threatens to take all his money and destroy his political career if he betrays her.  

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2. Sam’s alibi is bogus

Annalise continues to be suspicious of her husband Sam’s (Tom Verica) relationship with dead student Lila Stangard, and asks her spurned detective boyfriend Nate (Billy Brown) to look into it. Nate discovers that Sam’s alibi is fake — he wasn’t at Yale, like he claimed. Even further, Sam’s car wasn’t parked where it was supposed to be. When Annalise probes Nate for information, he tells her that Sam’s alibi is solid. What?! Why is Nate is keeping the potential evidence against Sam from Annalise?

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3. Selfies at the bonfire

In the flashfoward, Michaela, Wes, Connor, and Laurel (Karla Souza) are in the woods arguing over what to do with Sam’s body. Wes suggests burning it, as the smoke from the bonfire will mask the smell. Suddenly, Laurel has an idea — they need an alibi. Thus, the group finds themselves partying it up amongst their fellow students. Documenting their presence with photos, Connor takes a selfie with clearly distraught Michaela, telling her to “Smile or go to jail!”

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4. The runaway housewife

This episode’s case of the week was seemingly cut-and-dry: Annalise is doing a favor for a client by representing Paula (guest star Anna Ortiz), a suburban mom picked up for lewd acts in a public park (yes, you read that right).Things are not what they seem though, as “Paula” turns out to be a woman wanted on a felony murder charge from 20 years ago. Paula is actually Elena, a fugitive from an anti-globalization organization that set off a bomb and killed a janitor. Annalise decides the best defense is to claim that Elena was brainwashed by the group’s charismatic jailed leader. He seems game to help Elena’s defense, but once in the courtroom he unexpectedly turns on her in return for an early release. It was all part of a plan, however, as Elena flees and joins him on a bus out of town — leaving her husband and Annalise in a lurch.

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5. Annalise ignores the University and chooses to represent Rebecca

The University wants Annalise to take on Griffin (Lenny Platt), football star and boyfriend of murdered student Lila, as a case. Griffin’s account of the events is weak at best — he insists his DNA was under Lila’s fingernails because she attacked him when she caught him having sex with Rebecca. He pins the whole thing on Rebecca, fingering her as Lila’s druggie friend. Annalise isn’t convinced, and at Wes’ prodding, she decides to represent Rebecca. But as Keating & Associates arrive at the jail to meet with Rebecca, they learn they’re a little too late — she’s already confessed to the murder.

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6. Where is Michaela’s engagement ring?

All season Michaela has been proudly flashing the giant rock on her ring finger. As the students are packing up what’s seemingly left of Sam’s body, Michaela has a startling realization: Her ring is gone. The four culprits have been in Annalise’s house, at the bonfire, at a gas station, and all around the woods — the ring could be anywhere! Here’s hoping that the missing diamond doesn’t end up getting them caught.

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