Jada Punches a Wall and Screams ‘I’m F—king Done’ in Explosive ‘Are You the One?’ Sneak Peek

Everyone is bound to reach their boiling point when living with 21 strangers. For Jada Allen on Are You the One?, that time has come.

“It’s hurting right now and I’m feeling discouraged about this whole game,” Jada says in the exclusive sneak peek of the Wednesday, October 25, episode. “I don’t want to deal with this sh-t no more,” she adds through tears.

Her emotion quickly adjusts to anger as she stands up and walks to another room, stopping to actually punch a wall. “I’m done, I’m f—king done,” she screams. “It’s not f—king fair, bro,” she tells Kareem Fathalla, who tries to calm her down.

Jada on Are You The One?
Jada on Are You The One?

Apparently, her outburst comes after Uche Nwosu approaches her for having too intimate of a conversation with Clinton Moxam, the man that both Jada and Uche have been interested in since day one. However, Clinton and Uche have been sitting together week after week at the match-up ceremony. Every week, Jada continues to get irritated, so it seems that that irritation has now boiled over.

While Jada is storming out of the house, Uche is explaining to Alivia Hunter, “I walked in so calm.” But Jada wants none of that, as she yells “done” and slams the door.

Jada actually has a fear of not being loved back, her MTV bio reveals. “Afraid of letting others see her insecurities, Jada puts up a wall and her relationships have never gone below the surface. Will Jada be able to let down her guards and find someone who loves her for her?” it reads.

Are You the One? airs on MTV on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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