James Corden Dresses as Pennywise From ‘It’ In This Hilarious Office Spoof: Watch

He’ll float too! James Corden dressed as the demonic, shape-shifting clown, Pennywise, from the horror remake It.

James Corden Late Late Show
James Corden on ‘Late Late Show’ Terence Patrick/CBS

In a hilarious spoof on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday, September 13, an office worker, Tim, with a faulty computer requests help from the I.T. department. Apparently a miscommunication unfolded, because Tim is greeted by none other that Pennywise himself!

“I see the problem. You called the I.T. department and I’m It. So there’s been a mixup,” the British late-night host, 39, in character, tells Tim. “It’s not your fault, it happens all the time.”

James Corden Late Late Show
James Corden on ‘Late Late Show’ Terence Patrick/CBS

Corden then proceeds to help Tim try to fix his computer. In a nod to the cult classic where Pennywise can be seen lurking through the sewers, Tim catches a glimpse of just Corden’s head in between his office files!

“I’m helping you look for your password,” Corden explains to a terrified Tim.

Moments later, the film’s iconic red balloon rises from behind the computer. “I’m not trying to scare you! It was under the desk, it was easier to come up from this side,” he clarified, adding that the balloon was “blocking the wifi signal.”

Tim, clearly frustrated, grabs a pen to pop the balloon. “I wouldn’t,” Corden warns. “I wouldn’t, if I was you.” Tim does so anyway, only to be splattered by red paint — in the movie, Beverly Marsh encountered a similar red balloon full of blood.

When Tim complains that he has a meeting in 20 minutes and his clothes are now messed up, Corden gets real. “Oh, come on. Everyone knows you don’t pop a murderous clown’s balloon,” he said. “That’s on you.”

Shortly after, one of Tim’s colleagues enters the room. “Hey, Penny,” she greets Corden before reprimanding Tim. “Everyone knows you don’t pop the scary clown ballon. What is this, amateur hour?”

Watch the clip above to see if any more villains come to scare Tim!

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