Jason Sudeikis Plays Drinko With Jimmy Fallon, Chugs Tequila, Bubble Tea

Jimmy Fallon brought his hilarious drinking game “Drinko” (based on the classic The Price is Right machine “Plinko”) back to the Tonight Show on Thursday, Sept. 3, and Jason Sudeikis was the lucky man tasked with creating (and drinking!) some pretty heinous cocktail concoctions.

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The aim of the game (which Fallon first played with Paul Rudd back in July) is to climb the stairs and send two colored disks through the “Drinko” maze, to fall in one of the twelve cups at the bottom. The cups contain a range of beverages from beer and tequila to some less appealing options like pea soup and pickle juice (Fallon’s favorite, cold gravy, from the last time he played the game, has now been taken off the machine!)

Jason Sudeikis
Jason Sudeikis and Jimmy Fallon go wild with “Drinko” Courtesy NBC

Sudeikis was game and scaled the stairs, ready to deliver his cocktail choices to Fallon. But it turned out “Drinko” wasn’t all that reliable, and twice the disks got stuck on the machine’s cogs!

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Fallon’s first cocktail wasn’t too gross: a mix of Capri Sun and bubble tea. As the show host struggled to get the tapioca balls down his throat, Sudeikis, 39, suggested, “If you puke, we’ll put it right back in the game!”

Turned out bubble tea was the drink of the evening (“Why is bubble tea a thing?” asked Sudeikis before downing his own cocktail, mixed with wine spritzer).

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Watch the video above to see what happened in the final round and how Sudeikis proved himself to be a real sport, when he mixed up a pickle juice cocktail just for fun.

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