Jay Sean: I’m Not Dating Nicole Scherzinger!


It wasn't too long ago that Jay Sean's "Down" ruled the charts and he's been keeping the clubs bumping since then with his latest single, "Do You Remember." He's a favorite here at UsMagazine.com, so we were happy to catch up with him at an event at Soho's Esquire House for MassiveGood, a new charity initiative spearheaded by Will.I.Am.

Will himself explains to Us, "The MASSIVEGOOD movement is about raising money to help people with tuberculosis, malaria, AIDS and HIV through a simple thing like charging $2 to your ticket when you travel. Being a very, very massive traveler — I travel a lot — it's $2 for a $200 ticket or a $5,000 ticket, it doesn't harm me but it helps someone. It helps kids in need in cities or countries that are yearning for support. If my traveling can bring people together and bring aid to someone through MASSIVEGOOD then I think that's awesome."

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Read below where Mr. Sean finally answers those Nicole Scherzinger rumors to our own Zach Johnson. Place your bets on who the new mystery lady is!

UsMagazine.com: Your first single blew up here in the U.S. and your second single has taken off. What's it like to have it all happen so fast?

Jay Sean: You know what's crazy? Success came quickly for me here in America, but I've been doing this for seven years. This is actually my third album, so that kind of really helped me deal with all the madness. Going around the world and doing all this promo and stuff before prepped me for this, but it's still pretty mind blowing.

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Us: Were you surprised the success happened so quickly over here after years of building your success overseas?

JS: Absolutely. The rest of the world are very apprehensive, very cynical about whether or not they're gonna actually have an impact in America, so when I came over here I was like, "I have no expectations." If they like my music it's awesome, if they don't like it, I'll force them to. Then when they took to it, it was just incredible. Ever since it's just been amazing. My journey here in America has been incredible.

Us: Are you planning to tour here in the U.S.?

JS: I'm actually doing a mini-tour right now, just for a month and half, but then I'm gonna go on a proper tour with the whole band and the whole thing, with all the fireworks and pyrotechnics and everything — all the fancy stuff.

Us: Are you dating anyone right now?

JS: I am with someone right now.

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Us: Is that Nicole Scherzinger by chance?

JS: It's not. It's definitely not.

Us: Can you tell Us who you're seeing?

JS: Not really. I keep kind of tight-lipped about it until I have to. She's not anybody from the industry like that. She's just a normal girl who lives a normal life. I'm trying to keep it as normal as I can for now.

Us: Can you at least tell us how you met or something about her?

JS: On my travels. She's very understanding, because she understands my job and the lifestyle. She understands the attention — my fanbase is female — so she's very cool with that, and she doesn't give a damn about the Jay Sean thing. She likes me for me, which is awesome.

Us: Are there any artists you'd like to work with in the future?

JS: Rihanna is probably at the top of my list. Beyonce and Rihanna, those are the two artists I would love to work with.

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Us: Have you talked to either of them about it?

JS: I did, actually. I talked to Rihanna about it twice. Once, she came to my party in London and she came and chilled out there and had a drink. We talked about it, and then I saw her again at the Grammys. Hopefully our schedules allow it.

Us: Do you think you'll be up for a Grammy next year?

JS: I hope so! Here's the thing: I do music because I love music. I don't wanna make music for any other purpose. If somebody believes you deserve an award for that, that's just such a flattering thing. I hope so. It would be awesome.

–By Ian Drew for UsMagazine.com. To read more of Ian's blog, click here and don't forget to follow him on Twitter.

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