Jennifer Aniston Discusses Strip Clubs, Ryan Gosling With Awkward BBC Reporter

BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark strikes again! After his infamous interview with Mila Kunis earlier this year where he invited her on a date, the awkward yet charming cub reporter recently had the opportunity to interview another A-list beauty: We're the Millers' Jennifer Aniston.

"I don't do this very often, so please bear with me," Stark began the interview. "Also, I feel incredibly . . . they put loads of makeup on me because they said I didn't look showbiz enough to be interviewing you."

"Well, by the way, they've done very lovely work because I can't even tell," the actress, 44, replied sweetly.

"Really?" Stark asked. "Because I feel like a pig in a wig . . . Are you familiar with that phrase?"

Look confused, the actress politely answered, "I don't know exactly what it is, but I could try to . . . But you don't look like a pig or a wig . . . or a pig in wig."

jennifer aniston
We're the Millers actress Jennifer Aniston discusses strip clubs and Ryan Gosling's hotness with awkward BBC Reporter Chris Stark, who infamously interviewed Mila Kunis earlier this year. BBC Radio 1

Moving on to his list of questions, Stark asked Aniston, who plays a stripper in the film, if she had to do any research for the role. "This one you didn't have to dig that deep," Aniston explained.

"Me and my mates went to a strip club in Prague," Stark shared. Aniston asked earnestly, "How was that?" 

"It was good," he said. "It was an odd experience because they offered you a steak meal whilst people danced . . . It was very different than how you played it anyway. You were amazing." (During his interview with Oz the Great and Powerful actress Kunis, Stark shared a story about drinking Jagerbombs with his buddies at their local pub and invited her to join them.)

"Well, thank you," Aniston replied seriously.

Later in the interview, Stark asks Aniston why women find Ryan Gosling hot. Find out her reaction and explanation in the hilariously awkward video above!

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