Jennifer Lawrence, Alison Brie Star in Failed Not Another High School Show Pilot: Watch!

Long before Jennifer Lawrence was an Oscar-winning A-lister and Alison Brie was a celebrated TV star (Mad Men, Community), both women were struggling actresses trying to establish themselves in Hollywood.

Alongside Lawrence, Brie, now 31, once starred in Not Another High School Show, a 2007 attempt by Comedy Central to translate the success of Not Another Teen Movie to the small screen. 

Seven years after the show was shot, a clip from the pilot of Not Another High School Show has made its way online, standing in stark contrast to the now-successful acting careers of both Brie and Lawrence, now 24. 

In the first episode, Brie plays Muffy Rabinowitz, a new student at La Playa Beach Creek Hills High, who happens to be a vampire slayer. Muffy is seen having a raunchy conversation with her advisor before she is tasked with taking down the creature of "Wolfis Teenagius." 

alison brie and jennifer lawrence pilot

Muffy begins her mission, holding a stake as she eyes the school's janitor as a potential threat. Amongst a bevy of fictional high school tropes, Muffy goes after the janitor, repeatedly attacking him.

Lawrence makes a brief appearance as another high schooler in the highlights clip, hanging by the school's lockers in a tank top and jean capris. After being addressed as "sweet tits" by the injured janitor, she screams, "Help! Somebody stabbed the janitor in the heart!"

Watch the video of Not Another High School Show above!

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