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Jennifer Lawrence, Alison Brie Star in Failed Not Another High School Show Pilot: Watch!

Long before Jennifer Lawrence was an Oscar-winning A-lister and Alison Brie was a celebrated TV star (Mad Men, Community), both women were struggling actresses trying to establish themselves in Hollywood.

Alongside Lawrence, Brie, now 31, once starred in Not Another High School Show, a 2007 attempt by Comedy Central to translate the success of Not Another Teen Movie to the small screen. 

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Seven years after the show was shot, a clip from the pilot of Not Another High School Show has made its way online, standing in stark contrast to the now-successful acting careers of both Brie and Lawrence, now 24. 

In the first episode, Brie plays Muffy Rabinowitz, a new student at La Playa Beach Creek Hills High, who happens to be a vampire slayer. Muffy is seen having a raunchy conversation with her advisor before she is tasked with taking down the creature of “Wolfis Teenagius.” 

alison brie and jennifer lawrence pilot

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Muffy begins her mission, holding a stake as she eyes the school’s janitor as a potential threat. Amongst a bevy of fictional high school tropes, Muffy goes after the janitor, repeatedly attacking him.

Lawrence makes a brief appearance as another high schooler in the highlights clip, hanging by the school’s lockers in a tank top and jean capris. After being addressed as “sweet tits” by the injured janitor, she screams, “Help! Somebody stabbed the janitor in the heart!”

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Watch the video of Not Another High School Show above!

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