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Jesse Eisenberg: Why Awards Shows Are Like Bar Mitzvahs

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He may be a Best Actor nominee at the 83rd Academy Awards, but The Social Network's Jesse Eisenberg had a hard time hiding his nerves at Monday's Oscars nominees luncheon in Beverly Hills.

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"I have this general sense of  feeling like I don't belong," Eisenberg, 27, told "Although I talk to a lot of other people who I think of as very much belonging and they have the same feeling, so I think it's just a room full of insecure actors!"

Though The Social Network has already picked up a handful of trophies this awards season, Eisenberg admitted he hasn't gotten accustomed to dressing up for the black-tie events.

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"I feel like when I was 13 and I had to go to Bar Mitzvahs every weekend, and this is like the same feeling," he joked. "I put on a suit every weekend to go and meet with a lot of Jews."

One thing that didn't feel so familiar? Coming face-to-face with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg during a recent Saturday Night Live sketch.

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"I was nervous to meet him because it's now a year and a half of thinking about him," Eisenberg told Us. "I had built up this great anticipation thinking what it would be like to meet him, then we met under circumstances that were far more anxiety-producing, which is to be on live television together. So I think in a strange way, it was probably best to meet under those strange circumstances."

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