Jimmy Fallon Does Ace Impersonation for “Two James Taylors on a Seesaw” Sketch!


There are no words to describe how equally strange, hilarious and wonderful Jimmy Fallon's "Two James Taylors on a Seesaw" song is!

Fallon morphed into a doppelganger for the legendary singer during his appearance on Wednesday, June 18's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. But the weirdness didn't stop at having two James Taylors in the house — both of them then sat on a seesaw and rode up and down, while singing a harmonious duet about their activity!

"You go up, while I go down," the real James Taylor sings, "this old world keeps spinning round. I get short and you get tall," he continues.

"We're just two James Taylors on a seesaw," adds Fallon, joining the 67-year-old singer for a duet.

The lyrics continue, accurate yet completely bizarre, as Fallon channels Taylor in a pretty impressive vocal impersonation and the pair keep bobbing up and down to the strangely hypnotic music.

James Taylor

"I go up, and I say, 'Weee'!" the real Taylor warbles. "We is also you and me," he adds, accompanied by Fallon before moving on to a hilarious moment where one Taylor threatenis to get off the seesaw, leaving the other to go flying.

Watch the whole completely crazy segment in the video above. Warning: This song can get stuck in your head!

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