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Joe Giudice Slams Wife Teresa: “You’re an Idiot” for Talking to Brother Joe Gorga

As hard as Teresa Giudice may try to paint her family and marriage as picture perfect, her husband, Joe Giudice, continues to prove that their life is anything but on Sunday’s Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Fuming after Teresa explains how she and her brother, Joe Gorga, spoke at Kathy Wakile‘s recent pool party, Joe Giudice, 42, quickly blows his top and goes on an expletive-laden tirade against his wife in this preview from Sunday’s show.

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“You’re a f–king idiot for even going to going to f–king talk to your f–king retard brother. I don’t give a f–k. I would say ‘You know something, Joe? Save it,'” he seethes. “‘Go talk to someone else who has your f–king mentality.'”

Brushing off her husband’s insults because “he’s a Gemini” in an aside to the cameras, Teresa, 40, continues to fall victim to Joe’s nasty taunts when he insists Gorga never interact with the family again.

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“I’m done with these people — I can’t stand them. Your little bitch brother saying s–t to you and you coming back and saying s–t to me. I don’t want to hear it,” Joe Giudice fumes during his angry tirade, which takes place while the couple is driving. “We can’t get along with those people. They’re jealous, no-good idiots. I don’t want to hear about them any more. When I say something, you f–king listen — and shut up!”

As the new Us Weekly reports, what’s shown on TV only scratches the surface of the Giudice family’s unhappy home. “They’re so dysfunctional that it’s all starting to come out,” says a show source of Teresa and Joe.

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Joe’s questionable behavior has also stretched outside the home, forcing him into legal hot water. Among his offenses: a DWI arrest, an $11 million bankruptcy filing (which he later rescinded) and, most recently, an indictment for using a false ID to obtain a driver’s license. The latter charge could land him in prison for 10 years.

For much more on how Joe humiliates Teresa — and how she intends to profit from her family’s pain — pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, available now!

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