Johnny Bananas Tells Entourage: Stop Using My Name!

 From left: HBO; Michael Bezjian/


MTV's Johnny Bananas has a pone to pick with Entourage! The reality star (real name: Johnny Devenanzio) served a cease and desist letter to HBO on Monday demanding they stop the storyline of the Johnny Drama character playing a fictional cartoon ape on Johnny's Bananas.

Devenanzio tweeted Monday that Entourage — particularly "the cartoon ape they seemed to create out of thin air, who just so happens to go by the name Johnny Bananas — is in no way coincidental."

"Instead [it's] an attempt to capitalize on the name recognition which I'm solely responsible for creating," he added. " I intend to fight vigorously in defense of the years of hard work and dedication I've spent making Johnny Bananas a household name."

So why threaten to sue over the name of a cartoon voiced by a fictional actor? "The purpose of this lawsuit is aimed at the integrity of my brand," he said.

Devenanzio's lawyer, Stephanie G. Ovadia, told Us Weekly: "Celebrity identities can be used, taken or stolen. With the internet today, identity theft has become so simple. We find it in all realms of society–people who are losing their identity to theft and it is all we have. It is who we are. There is value in your identity whether you are a celebrity or not."

Tell Us: Do you think Johnny Bananas' threat to sue is merited?

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