Josh Radnor Thinks the ‘HIMYM’ Finale Backlash Was Overblown: Watch

Josh Radnor is no longer looking for love, but he has fond memories of his fictional search for the one. The star of PBS’ new series Mercy Street visited HuffPost Live on Tuesday, January 19, and had only positive things to say about the finale of his hit show How I Met Your Mother.

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“I think it was terrific!” Radnor, 41, exclaimed. After the finale aired in March 2014, many fans felt that the ending was a letdown after nine seasons. “How many finales stick the landing so that everyone is happy? None!” the actor continued. “Something about How I Met Your Mother … it always made you cry, it always was not what you thought it was — [the finale] was keeping with the DNA of the show. My suspicion will be that it will age pretty well.”

Josh Radnor
Radnor Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic

In any case, Radnor’s latest role, as a Civil War doctor on PBS’ Mercy Street, is a little more serious. Speaking about the show with HuffPost, he said his character is “full of internal contradictions” and that the series will be very dramatic. “This is not a show that looks back on the past with any sort of rose-colored glasses,” Radnor warned. “There were people on the wrong side of history and it does not sugarcoat that.”

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Josh Radnor
Radnor in ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ Ron P. Jaffe/Fox

With so much emotion and energy surrounding Radnor’s new show, the actor explained how meditation keeps him grounded. “I’m a fan,” he said. “Getting my eyes closed once or twice a day for some time is so powerful. It gets me back to this timeless place before the static. When I come out, I’m more effective, kinder and more patient.”

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