Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is Hilarious Playing Jimmy Fallon’s Whisper Challenge

Say what you see! Well, Julia Louis-Dreyfus certainly did just that when she played Jimmy Fallon‘s hilarious Whisper Challenge game on The Tonight Show, and the results were almost too much for TV!

During the game, Louis-Dreyfus, 54, and Fallon, 40, took turns to wear headphones with loud music playing while the other read out a phrase. Each had two chances to figure out what their opponent was saying, using lipreading to guess the phrase.

Seemed simple enough, until the phrases on the cards were revealed! Veep star Louis-Dreyfus was first with the headphones and was getting down to the music until show host Fallon fixed her with his eyes and read the phrase “salted peanuts.”

Not skipping a beat, the Seinfeld alum blurted out what she saw — “sausage penis!”

Julia Louis Dreyfus
Julia and Jimmy play The Whisper Challenge! NBC

As the crowd went wild Fallon took his turn. This time, thankfully, the show host thought before he spoke, shaking his head and insisting his opponent could not be saying what he thought she was. Louis-Dreyfus’ phrase was “Uptown Funk You Up!”

Watch the whole hilarious game in the video above!

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