Kate Walsh: Filming Tub Scene With Taye Diggs “Slightly Better” Than a Panic Attack


Kate Walsh was a little sick last week. Big ratings for the season premiere of Private Practice (ABC, Thursdays, 10 PM) proved to be a powerful elixir. "I was thrilled!" she exclaims. "I mean, jeez, who knows what the state of television is anymore. I'm happy that we're on the air, we held strong and the episodes this year just get better and better." The unattached star, 42, is also proud to be the spokesperson for Purina Cat Chow's Cat Nap for the Cause, in support of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation. She talks to UsMagazine.com.

Us: Gotta start with that bathtub scene with Taye Diggs in the premiere.

Kate Walsh: You know what? It's not a bad way to make a living. It's funny, actually. When we were shooting it, I was thinking smugly, "Can you believe this? I'm the envy of most women in America!" So I'm wearing the flesh-colored bikini and I get in the tub. But the water was so hot, I turned lobster-pink, started sweating and got slightly nauseous. I thought it would be easy, and it turned out to be just slightly better than a full-on panic attack.

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Us: Are Addison and Sam in it for the long haul?

KW: They're trying to work it out, and I don't see a break-up anytime soon. For crying out loud, at this point, Addison has been with so many men… I wouldn't say it's like the yellow pages, but….

Us: Any other spoilers this season?

KW: The show this year is very adult. Not as in adult movies, but in exploring adult relationships. You'll see Violet and Pete together now, and how things pan out between me and Naomi now that I'm dating her ex husband. Also, I'm not in the crossover coming up, but there are more to come this season that I'll be a part of. I hope [creator] Shonda Rimes is not going to take a digit for me saying that!

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Us: Why did you get involved with this charity?

KW: My mother is a breast cancer survivor. And I'm, like, the international cat lady, for better or worse. I have two of them. And I heard these stories of women who were going through treatment and their cats brought them a lot of comfort. I was so touched by that. So I love the idea of raising money for breast cancer awareness month.

Us: How can people contribute?

KW: People can go to the Facebook page and register to take a 20-minute cat-nap. For every person who registers, Purina Cat Chow will donate $2. When was the last time you were asked to take a nap for charity?

Us: You wore a dress made of sushi on The Tonight Show last month in homage to Lady Gaga. Is it in your closet?

KW: We did a little Twitter sweepstakes, and it's just been shipped off to a woman in Ithaca, New York. But it was fake sushi. The Leno people were literally putting plastic wrap all over the couches and I had to reassure them that it wasn't real. I'm not that courageous!

By Mara Reinstein for UsMagazine.com

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