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Kelly Bensimon Calls Alex McCord a “Vampire”

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The claws (and knives!) came out Thursday night on The Real Housewives of New York.

It's day two on the island of St. John's for Ramona, Bethenny, Kelly, Alex and Sonja. Almost immediately, Kelly and Bethenny get into a shouting match while sitting down to a dinner cooked by Bethenny . (Kelly insists that Bethenny is just a "mere cook" but "not that she cares.")

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Bethenny, pregnant with her hair in braids, yells at Kelly to "cut the bullsh–" at which Kelly admonishes her innocence by pretending not to know what Bethenny is talking about. Bethenny, in tears, leaves the table while Kelly still insists that she is the innocent one in the party here and that she has had dreams that Bethenny is out to stab her to death with her a knife.

Later back at the villa, Bethenny tries to make nice to the ladies by leaving Skinny Girl tote bags filled with goodies at each of their doors, but Kelly calls the gift bags "creepy" and calls Jill to tell her all about Bethenny's supposed plot to kill her. Jill feigns concern for Kelly, but it's obvious that she's dying to be in on the action herself.

The next day, Kelly takes pictures of everyone on the beach and Bethenny opts to stay home. Meanwhile, Sonja (who prances around in a cheetah bikini) and Ramona enjoy the shoot while Alex seems to be having a hard time with her poses.

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At dinner that evening, Kelly is asked to go into the other room when she answers a phone call from her child and begins to talk loudly.

"When I'm talking to my child, don't even come near me because I will claw your eyes out," she says. She then commences to complain about everything from the martinis being served to the steak Bethenny cooked and calls Alex a vampire.

"Nice pancake makeup," she tells Alex.

Kelly's saving grace is Sonja, who coaxes Kelly back from the edge.

"The four of us are actually sane and she's crazy and now we're picking on her," Sonja said in Kelly's defense.

Always the voice of reason, Alex tells everyone to "knock it off and stop engaging." Bethenny tells Kelly that she doesn't want her to feel as if she's attacking her and all seems well again.  

See what happens on next week's episode when Jill shows up unannounced!

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