Kevin Bacon Is Hunted By The Following’s Joe Carroll and His Real-Life Wife Kyra Sedgwick in New Spoof: Watch the Video

The Following Funny or Die
Kevin Bacon is hunted by Joe Carroll in real life on The Following (as well as his wife Kyra Segwick) in this new Funny or Die spoof -- watch the video! 

Who the bleep did he marry?! A new spoof of The Following confirms that Kevin Bacon can trust no one, not even his real-life wife Kyra Sedgwick.

The funny clip calls out the TV thriller series' many conspiracy theories. It was shot last weekend, and features series' lead Bacon, villain James Purefoy, as well other notable actors including Dean Winters, Michael C Hall, Sedgwick, and more.

It opens with Bacon, 56, explaining The Following to fellow actor Winters inside a Brooklyn studio. On the show, Bacon plays Ryan Hardy, an FBI agent tracking down a cult of serial killers.

"My character, he's got a death curse," Bacon explains to the Battle Creek star. "Where everybody close to me gets brutally murdered."

Bacon excuses himself for moment, and in that duration, his following character's arch nemesis Joe Carroll (Purefoy) calls from prison. Naturally, a curious Winters picks up the phone.

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"Hello Ryan," the menacing serial killer says to Winters, who insists that he is not Bacon. "Well, if you're close enough to Ryan to pick up his phone, then he must be very close to you…In which case my followers will be close to you very soon. Yes, my followers are everywhere. They will be there, waiting for you."

Winters brushes off the call and goes home to take a bath (and play a bizarre naval battle with toy ships in the tub), when suddenly, the power goes out in his home.

It turns out that one of Carroll's killer "followers" is in fact, very, very close to Bacon.

Watch the full spoof above and tune in to the 2-hour episode of The Following on FOX on Monday, Mar. 23, at 8 p.m. ET.

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