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‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Recap: Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Fight Over Who Is Healthier

Kim Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian
Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian attend the premiere of Open Road Films' 'The Promise' on April 12, 2017 in Hollywood, California.  JB Lacroix/

The doctor is in! The Sunday, January 7, episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians featured cameos from a slew of medical and nutritional professionals as Kim Kardashian and sister Kourtney went toe to toe in the battle for who was healthiest. Talk about high stakes!

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Kanye Tells Kim She ‘Can Only Wear Tiny Little Glasses’ 

The episode kicked off with Kim and Kourtney out to lunch at Chin Chin. Kim happily dined on Chinese food as Kourtney drank a cold-pressed juice she brought from home, naturally. While at lunch Kim revealed the inspiration behind her new petite sunglasses, explaining that her husband, Kanye West, “sent me like a whole email saying you can’t wear big glasses anymore. You can only wear tiny little glasses.” The conversation quickly turned to Kourtney and her current all-liquid diet. In a testimonial, Kim wondered, “Kourtney’s always trying something new and different and I just don’t know if it’s the healthiest.”

Kourtney Shames Kim for Not Having Homemade Almond Milk 

Later, while visiting Kim’s apartment, Kourtney slammed her younger sister for having “processed food,” namely a box of almond milk, in her refrigerator. The eldest Kardashian sibling snapped, “Have your chef make almond milk.” Always doling out the most relatable advice, Kourtney! After Kim mentioned she “read an article” about gluten-free diets containing arsenic, the duo embarked on a journey to decide who was healthier. After a series of interviews with various medical professionals and tests that included sweat, blood and urine, the ultimate conclusion was that they are both healthy. A true scientific revelation! Kourtney celebrated her success by smelling a donut, saying, “I can’t eat this but how exciting is it to smell it?” It’s exciting, Kourtney.

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Kris Uses a Tracking Device On Her Mom

The episode also featured momager Kris Jenner as she embarked on an eerie and ethically murky journey to implant a tracking device in her 83-year-old mother Mary Jo Campbell‘s shoes. Justifying her Black Mirror-style antics, Kris admitted, “I don’t want MJ to feel like I’m breathing down her neck but I really want to know where she is all the time.” Kris, who recently moved her mom to Calabasas from San Diego said, “She’s getting a little too independent over there,” adding, “I love technology.”

When the Kardashian matriarch’s behavior was revealed, MJ was taken aback saying, “It’s a little weird.” Kris, who had just spent the afternoon watching her mother’s movements from a computer app, said, “I am the last person who wants to take away your freedom.” MJ got the last word saying, “You should feel a little creepy.”

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Khloé Slams Kim for Not Being Present 

The episode also covered a heated debate between sisters Kim and Khloé Kardashian. After Kim accused Khloé of lying about a friend’s public masturbation, Khloé snapped, “You don’t pay attention to people. You zone out and perk up when it’s the right time.” Ouch. Khloé then added, “You’re just not a loyal person.” Kim appeared visibly upset and uttered, “This is getting way too deep.” Khloé later attempted to heal from her outburst by holding her phone up as it played a meditation app as she drove — talk about unsafe driving habits!

Khloé Comments on Rob and Chyna’s Legal Battle 

In a thrilling preview for next week’s episode we caught a glimpse of Khloé as she commented on brother Rob Kardashian‘s ongoing legal battles with his ex Blac Chyna. Khloé admitted, “There’s no way Rob and Chyna could get back together,” adding, “the legal battle that’s going on between them is just escalating.”

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs on E! Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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