Lady Gaga: “Still Friends” With Kanye West After Tour Canceled

Lady Gaga may no longer be going on tour with Kanye West, but she still counts the controversial rapper as a friend.

"I didn’t drop Kanye — Kanye and I are friends. We’re still friends," the singer, 23, said on SIRIUS XM's Morning Mash Up on Friday. "When you’re really friends with somebody, you can make difficult decisions, and we made a very difficult decision."

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Their decision was to cancel their co-headlining Fame Kills tour just five weeks before it was set to kick off on Nov. 10.

"It was hard on both of us," she said.

Although Lady Gaga didn't give any reason why the two went their separate ways, one source told that "ticket sales were bad due to the backlash of Kanye's outburst at the VMAs" when he took the stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to say Beyonce Knowles should have won.

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Another source told Us that "there were creative differences" between West, 32, and Lady Gaga, who is now preparing for a solo tour.

"When we were talking, I said, 'Even though this isn’t happening right now, I’m going to still go out on the road,'" she told the Morning Mash Up. "And he said, 'Great, I support you.' And he’s been very supportive."

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"I'm playing [to] just as many people in each city that I would have played on Fame Kills, but the ticket price is much lower," she said, laughing. "The show is just as expensive… I’m doing what I always do, which is, I go bankrupt."

She added: "The difference between someone like myself and someone that’s three or four albums deep, is I'm still new. And my fans are so amazing and so loyal. They’re not normal top 40 radio fans, they’re like crazy punk rock fans. And they have got me tattooed all over them, and they come with lightning bolts and wigs and they’re throwing glitter and they’re fainting all over the place. They’re the coolest kids in the world… I want them to come see a brilliant, amazing, life-changing show."

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