Mariah Carey Grills Her Tour Assistant in ‘Mariah’s World’ Sneak Peek: ‘Are You Naked?’

Mariah Carey: Grammy winner, reality star, world-class prankster? On Mariah’s World’s Sunday, January 1, episode, the singer decides to mess with her “sensitive” tour assistant Molly — all for an order of mozzarella sticks!

In the clip above, Mariah tells her team that she’s craving a “special” meal, but there’s a problem: Molly is already out getting their food order. The team then begins to talk about Molly — and let’s just say it’s all less than flattering. “You don’t want to ask Molly for a chicken finger,” Mariah’s hairstylist Kristofer says. “She’ll, like, look for chickens that have fingers.” Mariah responds, “I heard she’s very nice, but she’s, like, sensitive and crying every five minutes.”

When they realize that they have to call Molly in order to get their fried food of choice, they decide to have some fun with it. Kristofer encourages the pop star to mess with the assistant by saying, “Mariah, you’re, like, the best prank caller on Earth.” With that, the singer grabs the phone and talks to the frazzled assistant, posing as Mariah's "Aunt Pamela” and demanding mozzarella sticks with a side of marinara sauce. When Molly agrees to pick up the food, Mariah asks, “What are you wearing?” Molly boldly responds, “That’s kind of a weird question to ask.” Without missing a beat, Mariah snaps: “Don’t talk to me that way, this is her aunt,” and goes on to ask for chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and ketchup — hold the curry.

After placing her order, Mariah once again asks to know what Molly is wearing. “I’m just wearing some tights,” Molly says. “They’re, like, anime.” Mariah doesn’t break character as she continues to press the woman. “Tights? What are you talking about?” she asks in a heavy accent. “You’re walking around in tights? What are you wearing on top? Are you naked?” When the assistant informs “Pamela” that she is in fact clothed, Mariah ends the call, but not before reminding her of the important things: “Please do not forget the mozzarella sticks!"

Watch the hilarious moment in the clip above.

Mariah’s World airs on E! Sundays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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